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Sir ! Your sessions are very life changing, and I watch your every seminars. So my thinking is converted to very high level and it’s became positive and creative. Your best session for me is ‘I am the Greatest’. You are best in the World. Thank you
- Ajeet Maurya
Sir! I am from Sri Lanka. I had lot of problems in my life, I have seen your all seminars videos so I am feeling better now. Sir my life distorted last two years ago. I had nothing to live. But thanks to you now i am feeling motivated by your videos. Thank you so much.
- Neranja Sandakelum
You are simply an Highly Energetic person. Infinite words to describe you in vast way.
- Mansoor Faraz Suhail
Just want to say thanks to Mr. Sandeep for showing us how to choose right path to live life the way we want to live. Now I feel free and fearless. Now It’s time to payback. As you said the only way someone can payback you by helping others. I am trying as much as I can, not financially but just helping them so that they can achieve their dreams.
- Pankaj Sharma
Hello Sir. I have learned a lot from your videos, especially from the 'Sound of Silence'. I achieved that level of concentration and focus as I had in my childhood. Thanks Sir!
- Debasish Nath
Hello Sir, I have watched all your videos. I get so inspired after watching your videos that I don't have words to thank you enough. Hoping to meet you soon!
- Maitry Shah
You are great Sir! Your word really touched my heart and have changed my life. India needs people like you. No words in my dictionary to describe you, you are extra ordinary. Thank you
- Mayesh pokhrel
Sir your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar' is awesome. It made me believe that I can do whatever I want to. Everything is easy. Thank you so much. Hats off to you!
- Heli Sanjanwala
Hi Sandeep Sir, I am from Pakistan. I can't express my feelings after watching your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar' speech. I personally want to meet you Sir and I will, one day.
- Munsif Ali
Thank you Sandeep Sir ! Because of you I understood the meaning of life and found the purpose of my life. I am a average student in my class but when I watched your video for the first time I cried. Your videos are helping me to make myself strong enough to take the decision of my life. Because of you I cracked the Engineering entrance exam. Thank you so much Sir for give us right direction.
- Fahad Khan
Thank you Sir Sandeep, you have cleared a lot of my questions about human body. I had been always interested in science to understand the world we are living in. You cleared a lot of my questions that have been troubling me since I was 15 years old. And now here I am solving this puzzle called Life!
- Kaustav Ranjan
After watching your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar', everything changed, everything. I would like to thank you for sharing everything with us, that which even the most beloved don't share. I suppose you to be my best friend who always gives his hand to catch me when I fall, always telling me to get up, its not over yet. Thank you so much!
- Ashish Thapa
I have seen almost all your seminars but 'I AM THE GREATEST' and 'Realistic Positive Thinking' had such an impact that transformed my life.
- Ashish Munjal
Hello Sir, one of my friends suggested me to watch your motivational videos. When I started watching, I felt thanks for him. I especially like your dialogue 'PAUSE'. Whenever I start thinking nonsense, I remember you and say 'PAUSE'. Thank you very much for your support in my life.
- Hemanta Kumar Swain
Hi Sandeep Sir, I get good feelings whenever I watch your videos. You are my inspiration. I am proud of you.
- Parashuram Prasad Singh
Good Evening Sir, I am from Pakistan working as an officer in sales and recruitment. I always remained demotivated but now I have a spark in my mind after watching your seminars. All of them are awesome. I really wish to see you live some day. Keep it up Sir!
- Rashid Akbar
Sir, your seminars are really appreciating. Not only they help to increase our mental capacity but also they teach us to become a better human being. Your session 'Power of Focus' was really helpful in changing my life. Thank you Sir for your inspirational seminars.
- Anshuman Mishra
I really admire and respect you Sir. You are an inspiration for all. Take care!
- Amit Kumar Barua
I was in search of correct wavelength to amplify my efforts. You came in my life as an amplifier and tuned me to a frequency that led to increase in oscillations of my burning desire. My desire then became a purpose. After watching your first video, I was so inspired that I quickly watched rest of the videos one after the other. Now, even after losing so many times in my life, I started it all over again and see I have done it. The way you share your perspective of life has opened many doors to success for me. You are truly a great motivator and an inspiration that wakes up people's minds from sleep. At last I just want to say that you are awesome, just the way you are.
- Lunagaria Denish
Dear Sandeep Sir, I have seen your inspiration videos on Youtube. I am so much inspired by the way you to explain things to change our inner mind. It is very helpful for me. Thank you Sir!
- Sandeep Patil
Hello Sir, actually I saw the video of your seminar on YouTube. I was very frustrated and exhausted in my life but after watching your seminar I got much energy and hope in my life. Thank you so much Sir.
- Sarita Laha
My perspective to see the world and its problems has changed now. Now, I am on the way to improve myself. A heartfelt thanks to you Sir, for enlightening everyone.
- Amit Sharma
You are God for me. I and my family have been highly inspired by your videos. Thank you so much Sir!
- Deepti Malhotra
Sir, you are just awesome. Your videos and your teachings are mind blowing. Keep teaching us like that always. You are Great! Hats off to you!
- Vaibhav Bohra
Sandeep Sir, you are my biggest inspiration in life. I want to become a success like you. I love all your sessions and I am applying everything in my life at every step. Every time I say 'Aasaan Hai' it gives me an amazing power to do my work and to live my life to the fullest. Thank you so much!
- Aakash Gupta
It was a wonderful experience and it was really a delight to listen to Sandeep. I feel really blessed that I got this opportunity to be a part of his 'Last Life Changing Seminar'. At times words do not really have the strength to convey what lies within us. It was an awakening session for me and I really wish all the best to Sandeep for his future endeavors. I sincerely thank him for enlightening all of us with his beautiful thoughts. Cheers!
- Sakshi Mohan
Your videos have inspired me a lot.Thank you from bottom of my heart for your love and guidelines. You have changed me into positive thinker. Thank you so much.
- Deepak Kumar
Sir, one thing that I did learn from your videos is that the goal is to keep our focus in the present, to let go of the past and to make the present moment perfect. Now every work is done with enjoyment, without any stress or tension. Thanks!
- Shrinath Agrawal
Sir, I have become a big fan of you after watching your videos. From the sessions, I learned how to concentrate on studies. Thank you so much Sir!
- Mohammad Dilshad Shekh
Hello Sir, after watching your video 'How to Control your Mind', in its last ten minutes, what you convey about God is the same thing I had been experiencing from years. After listening to the Sound of Silence, my concentration level has significantly increased. Also, when my 'Buddhi' overpowers my 'Mann', new ideas come to mind. Thank you so much. Keep going for the nation. Jai Hind!
- Sachi
I m big fan of you Sir. You are really Great. I follow your rules now I m totally changed. Thank you so much for that. Aasaan Hai is most powerful words. God Bless you Sir.
- Vishal
I have watched your seminar videos and they are truly inspiring. Your videos have changed my thought pattern. You really seem mesmerizing with the way you speak and the way you express your thoughts. As a school student, I am very much inspired by the video of 'Power Of Focus For Students'. Thank you Sandeep Sir for inspiring me. I will keep watching your videos and keep learning new things from your sessions. Thank you so much Sir.
- Riddhi Gandecha
Hi Sir! You are the only great person all over the world. I like you so much.
- Musharof Ahmed
Dear Sir! After watching your seminars now I have learned the right meaning of life.
- Tisampati Nayak
Hi Sandeep Sir! I am a medical student I used to live in confusion but after watching your seminars I came to know how live the life. You have changed my thinking, and defined me what life is. Love you so much Sir.
- Mohd Abdul Sameer
I heard the song ‘Aasaan hai’ few days ago. Earlier I used to think ‘mushkil to hai par namumkin nahi’ and now my thinking become changed. Now I think ‘Mushkil nahi Asaan Hai’. It is because of you Sir. Thank you
- Harshita Yadav
Hello Sir! I am really changed I started trusting on my self because of you. Thank you Sir.
- Shubham
Aasaan Hai! Sir you are really Great person in the whole world. After watching your videos my life has fully changed & I get the purpose & aim of my life to do something for needy people. Sir you are really great. I salute you.
- Arbab Ali
I don't know how to express my gratitude towards you but I can say one word that you are the real Oxygen of my blood. Thanks
- Soumyaranjan Pati
Sandeep Sir ! You are amazing. Your videos gives us lot of motivation. Your videos are ‘Life Understanding’ videos. You explain small problems pin pointedly which is actually required in our daily life. Your videos can be understood by every person who watch them irrespective of age, gender, religion. Keep on doing this good work. God Bless You.
- Pranay Jain Godha
I always try to understand the meaning of the life. You are also a person who are able to drive me a right direction. By watching your sessions on YouTube I fully charged up. Your style of representing the thing is Unique. You are among those who can able to explain what is the meaning of life.
- Deepak Kumar
I Listen ur almost all videos. Excellent and Inspirational. God Bless You. Keep Moving.
- Rajesh Patel
Hello Sir, I am a big fan of your thoughts whenever I watch your videos. Every time it provides a huge inspiration to me. Thanks
- Nagendra Mishra
Hello Sir ! When I have joined government skill development class my Sir showed me your video then I liked your speech and learnt everything is possible in life and now I work as an accountant. Sir my dream is fulfill by you. Thanks
- Vinod Sen
Sandeep Sir, I have watched your sessions and I am very impressed to you. Now I am so Happy. Thank you
- Pintoo Kumar
I am an afghan student in Pune Maharashtra. I have watched just one video of you and I am sure I can change my life. Thank you
- Shafiq
Your all seminar's speech is brilliant, I like listening your sessions. Thank you so much for inspiring us. I LOVE YOU Sandeep Maheshwari Sir.
- Araman Ali
Sir ! You are extremely grateful, no any word for you and whenever I watch your sessions sometimes my eyes got tears. Thank you for such a great session.
- Vekariya Abhishek
Sir! I am your die heart fan sir. After watching your last life changing seminar. I have started my own seminar. And around 100 km people are coming to watch my seminar. And the great thing is that I am a student of class 9. You are really great Sir you have changed my life.
- Aniket Kumar
Sir! Your session & videos have inspired me a lot in dark phases of my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support. Thanks
- Mohammad Musa Rain
Dear Sir ! I have watched lots of videos for motivation by many speakers and I did get inspired by them. But Sir you touched my heart and my soul. You are the only person I was able to connect with. The way you speak and the way you connect, it just creates home in our hearts. I respect you for the person you are. The biggest thing I learned from is ‘Sharing’. Amazing and out of this worlds are short word to describe you. May Allah bless you and your family.
- Raju Ahmed
Thank you so much Sir for always inspiring me, the young generation to break the stones that halt the way and pave the future by their love dedication and interest. A huge Thank you. Your seminars are so breathtaking that we love to see it again and again just like a movie's action scene. But sometimes it feels small by just saying thank you because what your do is far more greater than any cherishing hug. You justify the saying, "Words have an invincible power heal".
- Prachi
Hello Sir! The whole world is so proud to have you on Earth. You always gives us good knowledge, you are inspiration for all of us. Keep contributing to the world. I always listen your sessions , it doesn't matter where I am, I am free or not. I just plugs in headphones & listen your videos. Thank you
- Jaskirat Zinta
Hi Sir! Your “I am the greatest person on this planet, nobody can stop me” line changed my life. Whenever I feel low I recall this line to boost up. You are a GURU like for all of us. You are teaching us to walk. You are unforgettable person for me I can never forget you. Thank you so much Sir.
- Dheeraj jais
Hello Sir ! After watching your videos I changed my bad habits and lots of improvements came in my life. Now all the time I am focusing on my career and taking action very easily without distraction. It is all just because of you. Thank you so much for inspiring me and people of India. Aasaan Hai.
- Amit Kumar Singh
Sir! You have made big difference on my life. I have started watching your seminar some years ago. Now It's lots of impact on my life. Thank you so much.
- Reyas Ali
I have watched all your videos. I get so inspired after watching your videos now I don't have words to thank you. But still Thank you so much.
- Somnath Gite
The world around me has changed, my perception has changed, my entire life is changing. And I must say that this is only because of one person, Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari. Sandeep, you are a gem and a life saviour. Please keep doing what you are doing. One day, you will change the thinking of people and the perception of people!
- Saransh Rishi
Hello Sandeep Sir, you are the best person of this universe. Till now I haven't been so lucky to attend your seminars live but I can still feel positive vibes through your videos. I assure you that these vibes will not limit to myself, they will spread in my surroundings too. Thank you. Aasaan Hai!
- Harish Kaushik
Sandeep Sir gives motivation, confidence to do something in life. No matter we can do it or not but when sir told us that you can do it a power generated itself that we can do it easily. You are awesome Sir. You are my inspiration Sir.
- Gourav Jain
Sir ! You are life to millions of broken people. Words really fall too short to thank you. Your great phrase is 'failures are the pillars of success'. Thank you
- Premnidhi Dhar
My entire Life has changed after watching your videos. From the moment I have changed my attitude, everyone is loving me. Sandeep Sir, give me some blessings that I succeed in my life.
- Suraj Kumar
After watching your videos, I was so inspired by you that I started my own business. Also after listening to the 'Sound of Silence', my relationship with my wife is getting better day by day. Thanks Sir.
- Manoj
Hello Sir I am not going to express my gratitude to you in words, neither I can. You are just divine. I found your words in that phase of life when everything seemed to crumble down. There was a huge vacuum inside. Someting was eating me from inside. I was unable to figure out. Although I am still not upto the mark, but now it seems easy. Its just because of you Sir. Thanking you from the core of my heart. Keep inspiring! Keep igniting the spirit of millions in need. Aasaan Hai!
- Mohit
Dear Sandeep Maheshwari, searching through Google and Youtube, I found your videos which seems great to me, to watch the inspirational videos of a person much younger to me. I found your words similar to my thinking as I have always been struggling for success but at times I gave up. I am still going through such times but after listening your speech, I have now become firm to never give up, struggle till success and go on, to never stop. Thank you dear!
- B. Vikram Kumar Maheshwary
Sir, you are God. After listening to your seminars, my understanding of things is more clear. Life is beautiful now. To express what I feel in words has its boundaries, so I can just say that you are God to me. Thank you Sir. May you live long.
- Rashmi Gurunani
Sir, I'm watching your videos since three years. Your videos have made great impact on my life. My life has changed drastically from zero to unimaginable height. Sir, keep doing this great work. God bless you!
- Kaleem Shaikh
Hello Sir, I am very glad to see that there exists a person who can motivate others so easily and can inspire them to take right actions. You are giving importance to spirituality which is necessary for today's generation. Great thanks to you!
- Parul Srivastava
Sir ! You have completely changed my life. Thank you so much.
- Ravi Shankar Tiwari
Sir words are nothing for your description but I will try my best to share my experience just in few words. Sir you are the real inspiration of my life after APJ Abdul Kalam. I think you are the only person after APJ Kalam who thinks for others with his heart. Sir I had left doing hard work now, I am just enjoying my studies. Now there are no words like hard work and sadness in my dictionary now I just enjoy my life and live happy always even I try to keep others happy too. Life is full of choices but I choose happiness. If we want to live happy we have to leave expecting anything from others. These all types of things I have learnt from you. Love you Sandeep Sir
- Himanshu Tamta
Hello Sir, when I saw your motivational videos for the first time, I can’t express that experience in words. I always love to see your videos. Your motive that seems to me is being practical in life and loving oneself, that develops gradually with understanding. Whenever I feel lonely, I watch your videos. They fill me with peace. Thank you Sir. You are doing an extraordinary job!
- JIgnesh Vala
Sir you are a true living legend. Its been a few months that I have been watching your videos and its a life changing experience for me. Aasaan Hai!
- Muhammad Furqan Ahmad
Sir, I feel really motivating after watching your videos. These videos are really helpful. Thank you so much for that and I really appreciate you for the work you are doing.
- Ritika Shrivastava
It gives me immense pleasure to write how you moved me with your sessions. I can literally vouch for the inspiration that you give to every single soul who has ever watched your sessions.
- Sunil Kumar
Your experience Guide me to take the right steps in further life. Yours seminars are the foundation for those who are trapped in there past and future. Thank you very much Sir.
- Shahid Ahmed
Sandeep Sir! You made my life challenging, adventurous and inspirational. I have learnt from your videos that life is all about game, it depends upon how we tackle it. Thank you
- Abhishek
Thanks to you Sir for doing great sessions sharing personal experience with all of us. After listening your sessions dead people may alive. All the student gets lots of tips for study. Thank you
- Dhwanit Kalal
Hello Sir, Thank you for your videos. I know how it feels to ask the daring question "who am i". I too want to reach that ultimate level of consciousness and just for now just want to get a hold on the state when a seeker does not like his own praise and want to be in a state of "being". Thank you for being Sir.
- Pavitra Jain
Sir ! In simple word, your videos increased my Intelligence. Thank you so much
- Mukesh Kumar
Hello Sir! You are the best. Your videos have not only inspired me to get success, but gave me the idea how can we fertile our land.
- Gaurav Rai
Sir! Your session's videos have inspired me and changed my life and thinking. Thank You
- Prashant Kansal
Sandeep Sir! whenever I watch your videos that makes me cry and gives me lot's of inspiration. Whenever I fall down I watch your videos to boost up and I feel so relaxed and then I make my pain my strength to achieve my goal. Thank you Sir ji. Love you a lot.
- Baldev Chavda
Thank you so much Sandeep ji. I was used to scared to do anything in life then I listened to you. And my heart expanded dissolving all the fears and making me fearless and now I do everything fearlessly.
- Unnit Upadhyay
Sandeep Sir! I Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You gave me a right direction through your sessions, you really helped me a lot. Thank you so much Sir
- Rahish Kumar
Sir, You are doing a task which requires a person to be ecstatic about his/her passion and what I majorly like in your videos is your confidence because that is what speaks out of you. Thank you
- Revant Sharma
Dear Sandeep Sir! First of all thank you so much because you are leader of my life and your every word, every movement is Fantastic Superb.
- Rahul Kumar
I am a big fan of you Sir! I totally understand your thought process.
- Ajfar Mallick
Thank you so much Sir ! You have really changed my life. I learnt a lot from you. Keep it up.
- Amir
Sir, I am a very big fan of you. Some time ago, when I was jobless, I was very depressed then. I used to give up very often. But many many thanks to you. You took me out of it. You are a spark, you ignited my life like fire. Thanks
- Priyanshi
Hi Sir! You are like God in present time. Your videos always make me learn more and more in my life. Thanks a lot Sir. Aasaan Hai!
- chaure babasaheb
Hi Sir! After watching your seminars and sessions, I got to know about the basic difference between our 'Mann' and our 'Buddhi'. This understanding really changed my life. Really you are Great Sir. My way of thinking is now changed. Thank you so much.
- alok verma
Hi Sandeep Sir ! I really feel that my life has fully changed after watching your videos. Thank you so much
- Sanket Hade
Hello Sir ! You are really Great and I feel so relax and motivated after watching your videos. I always think to be like you. Thank you so much Sir.
- Monty Sharma
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me every time I was down. Recently I was about to give up my love to marry a girl my parents wanted me to. But your immense energy and your videos made me stand up for myself and face the odds. I am now slowly walking towards my ultimate purpose, thanks to you my best friend and my Guru. Last but not the least, I will put every effort I can to feed a hungry person who is in need of it the most. Ta Tvam Asi.
- Rajiv
Hello Sir, I have been highly inspired by your videos. I am now looking at the world with an all new perspective. Thank you Sir!
- Khushbu Chhatrala
Hello Sir, I see a new world through my eyes after watching your seminar videos. This really helped me to come out of depression. Thank you. Aasaan Hai!
- Arpit Bhardwaj
I have become your fan after watching your sessions. It feels really great. Now I feel it's better to watch your sessions instead of a movie. Waiting for your new sessions all the time.
- Bronson Das
Hello Sandeep Sir, I have watched your video on 'Courage For Students'. I was down in life but nowadays I am exclusively free of mind. Thank you for inspiring me. One day I want to share my experiences face to face with you.
- Mosami Chaudhari
Dear Sir, you are a great man. I am from Bangladesh. Your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar' was the first video that I saw. After that, I am continuously watching your videos. I really like your sessions. Everything in my life has changed after watching your seminars. Thank you!
- Md Ataur Rahman
It has been a great journey watching all of Sandeep's videos. Starting with his 'Last Life-Changing Seminar', I really liked all his sessions especially the 'Law of Karma' and the most recent one being 'Game of Life' session. All his sessions are very inspiring and are connected to reality so, anyone can easily apply in one's daily life and see the improvements. Its all based on the real life experiences and very practical. Another session that has really helped me a lot is 'Illusion to Reality'. Thank you. Looking forward to your sessions!
- Prakash
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