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Hello Sir! Thanks is very short and little word for me to describe the feelings. Really a man who changed the theory of thinking and dreaming. I don't wanna serving a crores of people, I just want to be the reason behind the success of at least one person. And that will be the biggest achievement of my life and then I can call myself that I live my life and enjoy, not just reap my life !! Love you Sndeep sir. May you live long, stay blessed Jai Mata Di.
- Piyush Jatoliya
Hello Sandeep ! I believe you are the Sat-Chit-Ananda who has come here to show the path of liberation while performing all the responsibilities throughout your life. Initially after watching your motivational videos, I literally went mad to achieve something in life. But after watching your videos of spirituality, I realized the ultimate goal of my life and trying to apply all my effort in reaching it. I am practicing meditation and it has helped me to win against the negativeness. To be simple, I am feeling as if I am in the transition period. Day to day activities are appearing like a dream. Sat-Chit-Ananda alone is my guru.
- Darshan
Hello Sandeep Sir! Thank You so much for changing my life. You became me the luckiest person in this world, like you. Thank you so much
- Vidya Vaidya
Sandeep Sir, your passion for sharing and changing the lives of people is amazing. Your sessions are so mesmerizing and knowledgeable. Earlier, past was my comfort zone and future was my destiny. You taught me that both are completely useless. We must live in the present moment. It is the biggest lesson of life for me.
- Niraj Kumar
After watching your videos I have realized that nothing is impossible in life. Everything is easy. You are a true genius. I am very thankful to you Sir. God bless you.
- Jagdeep Singh
Only one thing I want to say is, you made me the Diamond from Coal. You are the only person whom I follow in life. A massive respect to you bhai. I will follow your words till the end of my life. Thank you
- Pankaj Sharma
Hello Sandeep Sir, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You changed my life and my thinking. Now no problem seems bigger than myself. Now a joy is there in living. Even when I feel that I won't be able to do a thing, I ask myself, 'Why' and everything becomes fine. Thank you Sir!
- Vijay Singh
I have been really inspired by your smile because smile is the half solution to all the life's problems. I am sure that you are the greatest leader for the new generation.
- Shabeer Ali
Sandeep I really appreciate your words now I am feeling that I have a changed my vision towards my life after listening your words, I feel lot of work has to be done to change my life. I call you Sandeep because you are too close to my heart and always feel that you are one of my nearer and dearer one. Thanks!
- Tridip Chakraborty
I have been watching Sandeep's videos since a year. He makes life look extremely simple. I am also sharing these life truths with my son, niece and others who will learn the true sense of life through his videos. Thanks Sandeep for motivating the common Indian into believing that life is 'Aasaan Hai'. Thanks!
- Sonali Bokarey
You really changed my perception of life. I realised that we must do what is good for others and not just for ourselves. If we keep others happy, we will automatically become happy. Thank you so much.
- Sagar Kumar Rajput
Sir, you are a true messenger of God. I always follow your lessons of sharing as much as I can. Thank you!
- Anjali Gupta
Dear Sandeep, at first I want to congratulate you for achieving the ultimate goal of life i.e. self realization. Recently I have seen some of your videos on spirituality which are indeed great. The best part is that you provide practical solutions to the problems. I am also amazed to see your love for humanity. Like everybody else, there are issues in my life for which I have been struggling hard for years, but now I understand how easy it is to achieve happiness in life. And everything is indeed Aasaan Hai. Thank you!
- Nobajyoti Kashyap
Respected Sandeep Sir, all your sessions are mind blowing. After watching your session videos I have understood the root cause of all our problems. I can now face all the problems and challenges with a smile. I have found myself now. Thank you Sir. Stay blessed. Aasaan Hai!
- Arun Kapila
I started listening to your videos two months before. I found them really mind blowing. These videos initiate positive vibes in me. I start feeling very happy. You showed me new hope. Thank you so much!
- Sakshi Saini
Sir I am a student. I was really depressed due to declining results. I was feeling like quitting everything but your session videos inspired me and gave me a new ray of hope to start again with my potential. You are a great inspiration. Keep up the good work. Thank you so very much!
- Jhanvi Gupta
Hello Sir, I am writing this post for you but actually I have no words to thank you. My life has changed by your lovely words and sayings. You are the *Star* of my life. Today if I am successful, its just because of your words. Even if its just your laugh, its so cute, you look so sweet when you laugh in your seminars. And one last thing, always be cheerful as you are!
- Sarthak Virmani
Hello Sir, I have seen all your videos on YouTube. I can say that I am addicted to your seminars. I make sure that I listen to you at least half an hour every day. Feel so calm or can say fearless after listening you. And of course, I feel happy and no one can effect me now with his or her beliefs. Thank you Sir!
- Varun Arora
It was an amazing experience after attending your session on 'Simple Meditation'. I really had a life-changing experience. I am highly influenced by the concept of the 'Sound of Silence'.
- Arindam Saha
Sandeep Sir, I have watched every session which you have conducted. After watching all your sessions, my life has changed. Right now I am working in a MNC. I just want to say thanks for this motivation.
- Kartik Variya
Sir, I would consider that day as the luckiest day of my life as all of a sudden, I stumbled upon your video on Youtube. From that day, I started watching your session videos regularly and believe me, I can feel real change in me. Since my childhood, I have always been into simple living and positive thinking. But gradually, life started becoming complicated and very slowly I changed to a different person. It was when your thoughts gained entry into my heart that I found that little child back in me. Keep uploading your seminars and keep showing us the right direction. Thank you so much!
- Zinia Bhattacharjee
Dear Sandeep, your ideas and imagination from the very depth of a human being are so surreal that they are beyond my imagination. I started listening to your YouTube videos few months ago and now I can see within my mind as to how powerful it is. Thank you for inspiring me and all those who needed you. Aasaan Hai!
- Sourav Batabyal
Thank you Sandeep Sir for coming in our life to motivate us. You are like a blessing to all your followers and for me too. You are a true leader and true motivator. Thank you for all your sessions. I saw a big transformation in my thoughts in a positive way only because of you.
- Krishma Verma
Hi Sandeep Sir, I really appreciate you for what you are doing. Your videos have inspired me. After watching your videos, I could find a lot within me. Thanks for initiating me into positive thinking and mind control. I have become stronger now. Thank you so much!
- Prabhakar
Sandeep Bhai, after watching your spiritual sessions, I feel that you are BrahmGyani like King Janaka in the Ashtavakra Gita. You are on the path of Pravriti Marg unlike mystic yogis who leave their homes in search of the Ultimate. Your words connect directly to the soul. I am watching your sessions as a routine every evening for a few minutes. Thanks brother, I am really lucky to have you in my life.
- Ramya Ranjan Choudhury
Sir, your session videos have inspired me a lot in dark phases of my life. I want to meet you at least once in my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support.
- Rinki Sharma
I am a kid of 15 and I have suffered a lot by listening to my limits. I was forced to consider myself lesser than what I am in reality. But seeing your seminar videos made me proud of myself. Today I have in my hands, my destiny and my goals. And yes, I have crossed my limits to do anything in life. Thanks a lot Sandeep brother!
- Satyam Raj
Sir your videos show me a new direction. Thank you so much Sir!
- Shraddha
Hello Sandeep, you are simply great! Watching your speech gives inspiration. Good luck for the great social work you are doing through your words that cannot be replaced by any wealth or money. No words to say more!
- Rajani
Sir Sandeep Maheshwari, best feelings! This what I get after watching your seminars. You helped me to choose my career and work independently on it. Thank you so much for being with me at that time, in which I needed friendly advice. Thank you so much. Thank You. Stay Blessed!
- Sanjeet Kumar
Dear Sandeep ! I would just say that your are like Sound of Silence that present everywhere, if you want to feel just concentrate it. I watch every session of yours and always feel a connection with you. Whatever you are doing is just outstanding. Keep it up brother !
- Bhupesh Sharma
While giving my presentations, I would either escape or would mug up my notes and go on stage. This time I decided to adopt your style and speak only that which is 'my' experience. Everyone applauded me after the presentation, it was so smooth. This amazing difference you have brought in my life and many more lives!
- Rashmi
Respected Sandeep Sir, believe me I can't express my feelings in words. Every word is small for you. I am watching you seminars and implementing in my life and sharing your videos to others. As you said kuch na bhi kro to kuch logo ki jindgi to change kar he saktey hain. Also promise you Sir we all will convey your massage to all the world like candle. Love you so much Sir, You are the instrument of God. Thanks a ton respected Sir.
- Lalit Thangwal
Hi Sandeep! I am not here to speak about how good or great you are doing because it's already pretty evident by seeing around you how lives have changed. I am certainly not able to share my challenges here but after watching your sessions, I would like to say 'Yar Zindagi zaberdast hai, Mein Khelega'.
- Arsalan
Hello Sir, your sessions are a source of motivation and energy. I have experienced a different energy inside me after watching your sessions. Thank you.
- Bhumika Lalwani
Dear Sandeep, it's always an amazing event for me to listen to your videos and read the books you shared. It has now become my passion to share your videos with people around me. Every word of you adds positive vibes to my communications, from my team mates to my children and friends.
- Ajit Patel
Hello Sandeep, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude towards you for your motivational video which help me to see positive things in life. It changed the way of thinking towards life I really appreciate your work. Thank you so much once again.
- Prashant Lahane
Sandeep Sir! Thank you for changing my life. Your thoughts and inspiring videos helped me a lot. Sir whenever I have any confusion and problem I Watch your videos. Thanks Sir again. Love you so much.
- Mohit Saxena
Really very few people know what is real spirituality. Sandeep Maheshwari is one of them. I wish he lives a long life and inspires people. God bless you dear. You are awesome, you are simple, you are energetic! Thank you brother!
- Arif Mistry
Sir you have shook me! Once when I was browsing on Youtube, I came across your video named 'How to Control your Mind?'. The moment I started watching it, one by one all the questions in my mind got answered. Then I started watching more of your sessions and when I watched, I was just spellbound. My thoughts, which have been running in the same old pattern for years suddenly changed their direction. Thanks is a small word to thank you. Aasaan Hai!
- Utsa Halder
Sir, I have seen your videos so many times. I have read that whenever you are helping a needful person, you are playing the role of a representative on behalf of God. Thanks again for your efforts and helpful activity, I give you the credit for my mental peace and happiness.
- Mohit Chaturvedi
After seeing your videos. I have achieved higher rank of greatness. From an average category student in my class, I have cracked the entrance examination. Though I failed many times but my attitude has changed. My level of thinking has changed. Aim of my life has changed. Thank you very much Sir.
- Kajal Sood
Dear Sir ! Thank you will be a very small word to the person who inspire lakhs of people. Thank you so much for inspiring me Sir. I watch everyday one video and try to watch same video at least 3-4 times just to understand, feel and apply it on my day to day life. I believed my self on the day when people said there is lot of change in you on that day I just smiled and said Thank you Sandeep Sir. You are right Sir.'Aasaan Hai'
- Mehul Gohil
Sir ! Your seminars brought the bigget positive change in my life. I am no longer the same person because now I feel happy, positive, motivated and powerful. Now I believe in my dreams. Thank you so much.
- Nitesh Jadhav
Hello Sandeep Sir ! I am biggest fan of you. I am handicapped was so sad about my life and future(job) but after watching your videos I solved my mind questions. Now a days I am feeling so good. You are the best mind changer man and hero of those peoples who have scared about job and happiness. You are the biggest man with biggest ideas. Thank you very much Sir
- Prince Sharma
Never seen such an Inspirational Speaker. India's people likes you.
- Mohammed Riyaz
Hello Sir ! You are really a great source of inspiration not only for listening and feeling good from inside but also to follow all those things in our daily life which we want to do. I always see your repeat sessions whenever I feel depressed or got stuck somewhere. It always really helps me. Thank you so much
- Ashish Sharma
Which you are doing for people and society, hats off to you. I always try to follow your way. I learned how to live in present and how to leave memories and thoughts. Now i have a switch to control my mind and thoughts and that's because of your true guidance. Because of you now I know who I am and I know the ultimate goal of my life. Thanks a lot.
- Rahul Sharma
Thank you Sandeep Sir for coming in our life to motivate us. You are like a blessing to all your followers and for me too. You are a true leader and true motivator. Thank you for all your sessions. I saw a big transformation in my thoughts in a positive way only because of you.
- Kalim Shaikh
Hello Sir, I started watching your videos when I was struggling with my failures. My business had a very drastic downfall and was not recurring any profits. But after watching your videos and applying them in my life, changes were remarkable. Sir, India needs a coach like you for the youth. Your sessions are useful in every manner. Thanking you!
- Abhishek Papachan
Dear Sir ! I am from Pakistan. I am listening your sessions from past six months. And I felt unbelievable changes in my life after listening your sessions. May God bless you Sir. Love you Sir.
- Imran Ali
I am a big fan of you ! After Watching your seminars I got to know about the basic difference between our 'Mann' and our 'Buddhi'. Now I am just living my dream life now. Love you so much Sir!
- Yash Maharaja
Very nice brother! I am from Punjab. I have watched your videos on YouTube. I have become your fan now. You are doing a great work. I do not have words to explain. Thank you so much
- Harpreet singh
Sir ! Your sessions are very life changing, and I watch your every seminars. So my thinking is converted to very high level and it’s became positive and creative. Your best session for me is ‘I am the Greatest’. You are best in the World. Thank you
- Ajeet Maurya
Sir! I am from Sri Lanka. I had lot of problems in my life, I have seen your all seminars videos so I am feeling better now. Sir my life distorted last two years ago. I had nothing to live. But thanks to you now i am feeling motivated by your videos. Thank you so much.
- Neranja Sandakelum
Hi Sir! You are the most powerful motivational speaker, you changed me, I am really proud of you. keep encouraging us. Thank you so much.
- anand
Sir You are a life changer. Every word you speak you really mean it. Whatever you say as a student I can relate all the things with my life. Now I enjoy every day of my life and I am still working to improve myself. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us and motivating us. Thanks a lot.
- Kratika Agarwal
Just want to say thanks to Mr. Sandeep for showing us how to choose right path to live life the way we want to live. Now I feel free and fearless. Now It’s time to payback. As you said the only way someone can payback you by helping others. I am trying as much as I can, not financially but just helping them so that they can achieve their dreams.
- Pankaj Sharma
You are simply an Highly Energetic person. Infinite words to describe you in vast way.
- Mansoor Faraz Suhail
Hello Sir! I will not write long lengthy messages for you, it's just a small token of thank you for bringing me out of dark and you actually made me who I am today. You are doing great job, somewhere you are the reason people drop ideas of suicide and start loving their life. Thank you so much. Keep sharing sir.
- Vaibhav Savani
Sir, You are like GOD which god we are seeing from our eyes and I believe it by heart.
- Rahul Sen
Sir! I don't know how do I thank you. I firstly saw your Last Life Changing Seminar after that I watched many of your's videos on You tube and whenever I am in difficult situation I watch your video to get the solution. Now I am also doing great work. Thanks Sir!
- Prashant Kushwaha
Sir ! You are actually most inspiring person I have ever met. Your motivational speeches inspired me a lot and please post more motivational videos .
- Manisha
Sandeep Sir! You are doing a great job for all the youth of India. For me you are my elder brother who always motivated me when I have done any mistake. You are the greatest. Keep smiling always.
- Aditya Rajan
Sandeep Sir! You are the motivational God of India and you are also my "GURU". Love you Sir.
- Binod Das
Respect Sir! I cant describe in words but you are The Universe Full Of Secrets.
- Akshay
Thank you Sir for share your life experience & journey. I watch all your sessions and truly inspired by them. I am weak in English but whenever I watch you speaking English fluently then I also try my best to speak in English. Aassan Hai
- Akshay Goswami
Sandeep Sir! Thank you so much for giving me lot of inspirations, you supported me a lot. Because of you I have done whatever I was wanted to do. You have cleared all basic or complicated points. You told that there is no Bad Luck. Thank you so much again. Love you Sir.
- Ramakant Sharma
Hi Sandeep Sir ! right now I am undergraduate student, and saw your all videos and I am inspired a lot from you. I can not explain that after watching your videos and practicing all that things really changed my life. Now I can say that I can do each and every thing which I want to do in my life. You are my role model and for all the youth of India. Aasaan Hai
- Avinash Anand
Sir ! You really helped me a lot to find 'WHO AM I', I learn a lot from you after sessions and I am growing constantly in my life towards entrepreneurship. Thank you so much Sir
- Shashwat Tiwari
Sir ! Because of your thoughts my life has changed a lot. One day my father forcefully showed me your svideo and I was attached to your video, it reached directly to my heart .Sir I do not have words to explain what you matters for me. Only I can say is Thank you so much.
- Anisha Kumari
Hi Sandeep Sir ! Thank you for all the greatest videos. I have watched every session and before watching them I was a dreamless person, but now I have purpose in my life. Thank you so much Sir for changing my life.
- Pappu Kumar Rai
I am very fond of watching Sandeep Sir's sessions. By watching his sessions I get positive, motivated, knowledgeable, inspired. He is doing a fantastic job. His quality of explaining is tremendous. I admire him and adore him very much. Although a big thank you for giving me the true meaning of life.
- Sarthak Sharma
Hello sir. I am from Odisha. I have seen all your videos and I have learned lot of things form this which I did not know. Your words are very powerful,realistic and very inspiring. You are helping everyone to lift up and to achieve their heart's desire. You are my guide. Thank you so much
- Asis Kumar Nayak
Sir Namaskar ! I really like & appreciate all your videos. These are too practical to change life, for change the style of living. Your videos are very much motivating. I get inspiration from your videos. Sir I always say "Live Your Life". Tons of thanks to you from the core of my heart for the work you do.
- Bhruguraj Acharya
Hi Sir! I am big fan of you because you describe every topic very easily. Your sessions are very motivational and energetic. And when I started watching your sessions I felt fearless. Thank you so much Sir.
Really you boosted my mind in many ways. Sandeep by following you many times I suggested my students / colleagues to follow you. just keep it up man.
- Ganesh Pawar
Hello Sandeep, its been almost two years since I started watching your videos. First of all thank you for sharing positive energy around the world. I was working as a soft-skills and communication trainer for last few years. After watching your videos since 2014, my life changed. I have become one of the well known trainer of my town now. Although I still have lots of ups and downs in my life but now I know very well that its the 'Game of Life'. Thank you. Stay Blessed!
- Raghu Shetty
Hello Sir. I have learned a lot from your videos, especially from the 'Sound of Silence'. I achieved that level of concentration and focus as I had in my childhood. Thanks Sir!
- Debasish Nath
Respected Sir, you are doing a great work by doing all these sessions and sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us. I have been watching your sessions from a long period of time. Lots of love from Allahabad. Keep up the good work!
- Vaibhav Srivastava
Sir ! I have never attended your live session but I have seen all your vedios on You Tube. Whenever I fail in every work then I remember you then I think I have to win in every situation then I boost myself with positive thinking and back to work. Thank you so much
- Ganesh Sankpal
Dear Sir, I have learned many things from you and my experiences. My problem was that I could not control my mind. I never knew how our mind works and how sometimes it takes us in a wrong direction. But after watching your videos, I have really learned it. You have taken a special place in my heart since I started watching your videos. I am inspired. Love you Sir. You are doing the real job which, one day, will change the whole world. Thank you so much for this!
- Susanta Biswas
Hello Sir ! I just want to tell you Sir God can't come in front of us for explain us the rules of life that's way god send you in front of us. I am normal humen being Thank you. I have learnt so many thing from your videos. Thank you Sir.
- Hemant Koge
I see God. I see a true power manifested in you, a very vivid expression of the eternal source. Nobody could have motivated me in a way you have, its just a matter of fact that I fall short of expression. Its not just about what you speak but the aura created around you. The very first time I watched your 'First Life-Changing Seminar', something itched in me to dive deeper into my self. Love and Respect!
- Atul Saswat
Hello Sir! The whole world is so proud to have you on Earth. You always gives us good knowledge. You are an inspiration for all of us. Keep contributing to the world. I always listen your sessions, it doesn't matter where I am, I am free or not. I just plugs in headphones & listen your videos. We Love You Sir G. Thank You
- Vikash Raj
Hello Sir, I have watched all your videos. I get so inspired after watching your videos that I don't have words to thank you enough. Hoping to meet you soon!
- Maitry Shah
You are an Inspiration to all the peoples who are struggling through their life and also who are confused for their life goals. You are such an amazing and wonderful person. It doesn't matter where I am and free or not. I just plug in headphones & listen your videos. Thanks
- Siddhant Mishra
Your videos is awesome to motivate someone is very big things. Thank you sir for motivate me so my self confidence is improve. Thanks again Sir.
- Durgesh Singh
You are great Sir! Your word really touched my heart and have changed my life. India needs people like you. No words in my dictionary to describe you, you are extra ordinary. Thank you
- Mayesh pokhrel
For being Sandeep Maheshwari of your own life align your thinking with Sandeep Sir and increase your intelligence, observation power and memory with the help of meditation (may be Sound of Silence ). And become Successful, Healthy, Wealthy and Causelessly happy. Aasaan Hai.
- Shashank Mishra
Hi Sandeep Sir ! You have changed my life. I can not express my feelings in the words. Thanks to your parents as well who gave birth to the great Man.
- Vivek Mittal
Sir your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar' is awesome. It made me believe that I can do whatever I want to. Everything is easy. Thank you so much. Hats off to you!
- Heli Sanjanwala
Since few years I am following you Sir. I love watching your inspirational videos and I just wanted to say thanks to you Sir.
- Amogh Kulkarni
Dear Sir! I really appreciate your efforts to bring positive changes in the lives of people. Personally I watched almost all of your videos on your You Tube official channel. I am a teacher myself and my lectures often contains a touch of ideas I learnt from your lectures. Recently I watched a video titled ‘RapidFire - How to Stay Focused’ where at the end you said not to think about after life rather we should be pragmatic declaring it an imaginary problem. That was so good. Thank you Sir
- Fazal Hakim
Thank you Sandeep Sir ! Because of you I understood the meaning of life and found the purpose of my life. I am a average student in my class but when I watched your video for the first time I cried. Your videos are helping me to make myself strong enough to take the decision of my life. Because of you I cracked the Engineering entrance exam. Thank you so much Sir for give us right direction.
- Fahad Khan
Hi Sandeep Sir, I am from Pakistan. I can't express my feelings after watching your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar' speech. I personally want to meet you Sir and I will, one day.
- Munsif Ali
Sir ! You are really awesome. After watching your sessions everything is changed now. My life is changed. I feel I can easily survive in this world. My view about world is like a new born baby. Thank you so much.
- Rishabh Dubey
I never failed to understand your deep sessions and that is very helpful to me. When life went on dark Sandeep Maheshwari is only the saath. Thanks for sharing your views with world. My world is more brighter with your words. Thank you
- Parth Patel
Thank you Sir Sandeep, you have cleared a lot of my questions about human body. I had been always interested in science to understand the world we are living in. You cleared a lot of my questions that have been troubling me since I was 15 years old. And now here I am solving this puzzle called Life!
- Kaustav Ranjan
Hello Sir! I am short of words to describe you. You are the one who changed the future of the youth !
- Krishna Reddy
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