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A person having knowledge of 'Brahma Vidya' and explaining it in day to day example which is very unique. I am very much impressed of the way you thought a relationship between 'Atman and Brahman' by choosing multiple simple topics through your session. I found a Guru in you and never miss your video of you at all. And always step up towards the absolute freedom. Thank you so much
- Prashant Yadav
Hi Sir ! I have been really inspired and motivated every time by watching all your great sessions and I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for doing such an extraordinary work for all those people who really want to change there life and make themselves a better person at every level of mind body and soul. Thank you so much Sir.
- Bhupin Rajoria
Sir ! My life was totally mess before watching your sessions. Now a day’s every night during dinner I try to concentrate on a particular session and try to apply the lesson on my daily life. And Sir it is working. It is shaping my life and making me a new one. I can not tell you that you are great because you know yourself that you are the greatest person ever born on this planet. And you are trying randomly to make us think like you. Thank you so much Sir.
- Shreyashi Chaudhuri
Dear Sir! Greetings and lots of well wishes. I am so glad today, for the first time I went out of my comfort zone and have beaten my mind. I am currently based out of UAE and my office situated at 23rd floor. And have reached office by stairs climbing 23 floors today. I am using stairs more often as my flat is at 8th floor but 23 floors were really difficult for me to climb. I was trying hard to convince my mind but things were not working out. Today in my free time, I have watched 'Think out of box' video where have seen you breaking the comfort zone by doing 25 counter push-ups against pre-decided 10. That filled me with immense zeal and confidence and eventually got succeed. Thanks a ton Sir for your guidance and motivation.
- Mayur Joshi
Have a pleasant life. You are doing great job all the best for all. I do not want to explain who I am, how & why, Just wanted to tell you that I am deeply in love with inner peace on the level of mind and soul, what you call 'Sound of Silence. It was with me since very long bt.. you are the reason why i m able to definitely say it.. All my good wishes with u.. I dont know even.. yor going to read my coment or not.. Its expectations.. from anyone not even from myself in life.. Iam always happy.. and busy in feeling happynes and doing works which is my part on earth.. Happy to see yor work.. very nice.. Tc. And as I said before have a Pleasant life ahead.. Bye. ????
- Dr. Ketkee
Dear Sandeep Sir! You have done magic in my life. I am a person who is different from the society. I did everything on my own will and left 2 government jobs and did many attempts to run a business. I did MBA from London and came back to India because my DAD passed away. But since last year I was feeling so depressed because the society was over taking my ambition and I was taking everyone serious now. But since I started listening your sessions I realized I was right and now I am happy and much more focused on my dreams. Thank you so much Sir.
- Arjumand Aazad
Hello Sandeep Sir! First of all thank you so much for changing my life. You are truly biggest inspiration for me and I don't have words to Thank you Sir. I am a student but my story is same as you. I don’t have any friend and I used to take tensions on every little thing and sometime cried a lot then my mother told me about you and I have watched your sessions. Then I felt lot of positive changes in me. And now when I think about previous ‘Shubhi’ then I smile on myself. Now I leart to live my life openly. So Thanks a lot Sir. And you are my one and only crush I really admire you so much. And now my heart says I have to do something in life and have to give a good life to my family.
- Shubhi Purohit
Hello Sandeep Sir! I am 35 years old and live in Nashik, I am big fan of yours. Whenever I get depressed or feel like unhappy I always used to watch your videos. After listening your sweetest voice and precious words, I feel my life complete. Any kind of negative thought not even enter in my mind. You are like a power booster for me, which I never forget to take. This is very great thing which you do Sir to give a path to people lives. Keep continue it Sir. Its my pleasure to write about you. Thanks a lot.
- Sharad Namdev Takalkar
Many would have said and many would say that you are a wonderful speaker and thinker. The talent you have is similar to what my dad has and he thinks just the way you do. For me I am 17 years as of now and I love being a speaker at debates, conferences and all possible spaces and your lectures and those of my dad too are inspiring. I don't know what to share and I even don't know that will you see this or not but I just felt positive, inspired and much stronger when I heard your words about life. Thank You.
- Shirin Kaul
I love your approach to life and your thoughts as well. You have changed and touched my life in a way nobody has ever did it. I am really Thankful to you for providing us path towards our real goal of life and clarity on spirituality. Thanks for being one of the most important part of my life.
- Mandar Rajadhyaksha
Respected Sir! Everyone says ‘I want to be happy’ which actually is not the thing to achieve, its human inborn nature. Happiness word itself I think is a state which can't be maintained always, but ‘BLISS’ can be. This is what I learnt from your videos. I do observe everything around me but without labeling them good or bad with observation built my understanding. And so, I could be able to calm my mind with valid reason to every question rises. I deeply, with gratitude thank you for making these sessions for all of us. As you said, passing knowledge is what a true sign of you being educated. I do the same. Your sessions compelled to find my own self which was lost somehow and question myself instead of giving excuses. Thank you
- Ankita Suvagia
Hello Sir ! I would like say great thanks to you Sir. I was very weak student in class 12. I never liked physics and I had failed about 3 times in my school. I had decided to end my life but on the day when I was going to hang myself I saw your Last Life Changing Seminar. I was really shocked then I changed my decision and went back to home and I started work smartly. Then result came and I have got 99 % marks in physics. Now I run my coaching class and all the students from my class got 90+ marks and I do not take any fees from any student of my class. Thank you so much Sir for show me right direction.
- Atul Tiwari
Dear Sir ! Thank you so much for everything, for making my life wonderful . I have seen lots of phases in my past. I have joined you as a student some time before. Previously when I was hurt because of my expectation, it lasts for months or days but now also I heart it takes some hours to lasts. I never complain, but I used to find negativity in situation now there is no concept of negativity. Each time I am analyzing my thought is it necessary to think, if yes then I keep otherwise discard. I am trying to Connect with the universe. I have clear focus on job. Lots of thing is with me now. Words are very small to express it and ‘Thank You’ is a very small phrase for showing me the way to live the life.
- Arati Pradhan
Dear Sandeep Sir! I have changed my life myself, but after getting inspired by your words. I thought of writing 'You have changed my life', you have taught us that if someone could change us, its only we.
- Sushil Kumar Dash
Sir! I am a high school student. The msot important thing that we can learn is differentiation between right and wrong. It is because of the burning desire to learn that I am always extremely happy and no conflicts are there in my mind. I literally cried in some videos of your and want to thank you sir. We love you Sandeep Sir. You are a real hero.
- Bhavya Stan
Sir ! I have become your fan after watching you on Dr Subhash Chandra show on zee tv, after that I used to follow all your sessions on You Tube, I can notice that all your sessions start with a topic and ends with a sense of supreme divine, and it really touches me the most. Your taught us to attach ourselves to supreme power and unattached with everything and that should be the ultimate goal of every human being. God gave us the intellect and we have to use it positively. I promise you that if I have more than my need then I will share it to the people who need it the most. Thanks a lot for guiding us in a way of new thinking new possibilities. Thank you so much
- Pronoy Sarkar
After listening to you I learnt to share the feelings and smile. You made my soul happy when it was dead inside me. A very big Thank you Sir. Huge respect for you.
- Swati Kumari
Dear Sandeep Sir ! I always used to think what I can do for this world. How I can contribute to the world through my experiences and thoughts and you came in my life. You shows me a direction to how you can contribute to the world. I am not totally successful but yes I can say that I am stable at my age and earning good. Thank you so much for all the inspirations. I watch your videos at lease 3-4 times just to understand and observe what’s your thought and understanding behind this. Once again thank you so much Sir.
- Mehul Gohil
Hello Sandeep ! I loved your video ‘How to do what you love’ to guide people who are in their mid/early 40's. These people like me are in their midlife crisis where they want to switch from their routine career to something more meaningful and are running out of choices. We are not young fresh blood but the fire is still there to make a difference in the world. It is like our eyes are opening at this age. We bring in lot of real life experiences. Thank you so much.
- Vidya T
Sandeep sir is like my special teacher. One day I have searched about motivational videos to motivate myself, then I found Sandeep Sir's videos. Since then whenever sir upload any video, I download it & watch it freely. In my life there is nobody like Sandeep Sir who can teach me about how to observe the life deeply. The videos changed my life a lot. I want to be a person like Sandeep Sir. Thank you Sir. Love you Sir. Wish you a very happy life.
- Debangsu Mukherjee
Thank you dear Sandeep ji for all the inspiration. Because of your videos I get inspired every single day and I am on my way to achieve my goals of life, to do something for myself and the whole society. Now, I do not expect people to change, I am becoming the change and is changing my world. You are one of the key reasons to it. I am grateful to you for being so kind to share your knowledge and wisdom to us.
- Shilpa Saran
Sir ! I have never seen a positive person like you. When I see you, I feel so positivite and get energetic to do anything for the world with perfection. Whenever I feel something negative, I watch your videos. Thanks a lot for all such videos which provide a beautiful lesson to live our life with happiness. Thanks for being God in such generation where no one cares for a strangers.
- Rahul Ranjan
You have changed the lives of many people which is going to bring the great success in India in the upcoming years. Your each and every seminar is like a spark to the inner soul which can force any person to work for his/her dreams. You have given me a new vision to see this World. Thank you Sir from bottom of my heart! Thank you so much Sir.
- Bhakti Mehta
My few words can not explain my feelings what I feel when I see your sessions. You are doing wonderful job Sandeep Sir. I want to do something as like you. I also have the same passion as you have. Sometimes I use your examples to motivate someone and the reaction of the listener is always priceless for me. I am damn sure you are the greatest leader for the new generation. Hats off to your work sir. Keep Going and best of luck for your Great Journey. You are always an Idol for me. Thank you
- Himanshu Sidana
Sir ! You are really an inspiration to me and many like me. I want to thank you a lot for all what you are doing. I am suffering from Atopic Dermatitis and going through its treatment which is really painful. I used to weep throughout the day thinking why I am the victim of all this. To be very honest I was totally fed up with my life. Now also the same health conditions persist but now my reaction towards it has completely changed. Whenever I feel like crying I just think whatever happens, happens for the best and just now I don't find any good in it but in long run this threatening experience of life may turn to be really a good one. Thanks a lot sir for your support.
- Kratika Agarwal
Sir ! I am a big fan of yours. Today I have qualified the CSIR NET JRF after 3 years of struggle. In those 3 years you are the only inspiration to me (never give up). I know you don't want any thanks from people, though I want to thank you Sir for giving inspiration to millions. 'Aasaan Hai'
- Siddhartha Ghanty
Hi ! I Have been a patient of depression and panic attacks in the past. Sleepless nights, feelings of hopelessness, crying spells, suicidal thoughts were part of my daily life. I was Looking for answers, I came across Sandeep Maheshwari’s videos on the internet. Understanding them was the key. It took a while for me to absorb and understand them. One viewing on each of his videos was never enough. Second viewing of the same video, understood something new, third viewing something else got cleared and so on. Life slowly started to change for the better. When I look back now to how I was and the person that I am now, it has been one hell of a journey. I don’t know how I should thank this man because I know he doesn’t need it. One advise for whoever reading this comment ‘Deep understanding is the key’.
- Mr. Abrar Khan
Dear Sandeep ! I knew all these things. I read at least 20 enlightened masters. I had been witnessing the mind, nothing went in permanently but what you said and the way you said was so fine grained that it straight went in. I have started to share it in my own little way here in Singapore mostly with kids. Thank you.
- Sonia Sharma
Hello Sir! I think you don’t know it but you are great. I have never seen a person like you. When I saw your session for the first time then I became your fan. I don't have any word, how I express my feelings to you. After that, I always see at least one video of you. Day by day, I am going to change myself. That's why I am so happy. If I become 5% like you then my life become success. I love your thoughts. Even I love you so much. You are the first person in my life who makes me right person after my parents. Thanks a lot. You are the great man. You are a angel sent by GOD for me.
- Jadav Nimika
Hello Sandeep Sir ! I am a drummer / percussionist working in Bollywood music industry. No artificial flowery words, just want say thanks, much love and more energy to you. You are really taking countless people to the places including me. Your voice has influenced me in a lot of way, which I would not be able to describe. Keep up the great work, Stay healthy, Take Care. Lots of love to your family 'GOD BLESS YOU’, Love you.
- Vineet Bhaskar
Sandeep Sir ! I started watching your videos on You Tube since I have got disease called diplopia. Because I was unable to watch TV or mobile I thought I can listen your speeches. When I saw the first video of yours I liked it very much. After that I started watching your more videos and after that I always think about what you said. I also try to follow that, for example I started writing my diary in English after watching your video ‘How to speak English confidently’. I like to watch your videos and I will continue to watch it because whenever I watch it every time I learn something new. It’s great that you are sharing such things with world. Thanks and keep rocking!!
- Nikita Patel
I have started watching your videos few years back and till now I watch almost every possible video which you upload. There are many changes in my life due that a new thought process defined and installed in my mind but the biggest my success is as a stock trader. I almost give up the trading in financial markets and only focused on my 8 to 8 job in banking but after watching your sessions, that no career is perfect it’s you who makes it perfect either do love what you are doing else start doing what you love. So I have decided to work on options that why I have failed and then study a lot and improved my weaknesses and also taken some professional help and invest some money too in that and now I have created a satisfactory side income and become more confident. Thank you so much.
- Anurag Saini
Hi Sir ! Thank you for changing my life. From childhood I was always bullied by others and they told me that I can't do anything or I have no special talents. But Sir because of you I changed my way of thinking. I have gone to a therapist also due to my low self-esteem. You are a life changer Sir. Thank you so much. Keep inspiring us. And we will share your wisdom with others too. That's how our INDIA will be a better place.
- Apu Debnath
Thank you Sir ! I like your messages that if you find someone hungry then help him. Sir once I will become financially successful then definitely I will do that. And Sir your seminars changed me a lot. Sir you say which is there in our heart. The day I will become a successful Doctor I will not say thanks to you instead I will help those people who are needy which I have got it from you. I just want to thank you from bottom of my heart because I have starting trust on this that which I want to become one day I will become that because ‘Ye bhi hona Aasaan Hai’.
- Chetana Singhal
Hats off to you Sir ! You are next level of the inspiration. You are introducing us with a whole new prospect of life. Thanks a lot.
- Surti Pasricha
Sir ! You are a Shri Krishna of this century. Only one was motivated in Mahabharata but you are motivating to all this world. We salute you because you rule our heart through your thinking and talkings. I also wants to do something like this to become a good writer.
- Ram Nivas Verma
I have been watching your videos from sometime ago. All the videos, thoughts are practically realistic. I am getting it and applying it on my life and they all are boosting my energies and urges to do something. I am really inspired by you and really you are doing a great job Sandeep Sir by sharing your experiences to show the people to see the real side of life and message them to come out from just that stereotypical image of "Good" life and to make them see the real situations and teach them to face it and to be strong enough to fight it up. Sir you are the real hero of our life. Thank you.
- Twinkle Soni
I feel so grateful due to the fact that after watching your session live, I really got the idea of what you wanted to tell. That's the reason today I am following my dream and learning various aspects of life that come my way. It is really making me feel my soul with prospective virtues of completeness, as a whole in the right sense. After watching and listening you live, Sir my mind and soul all are lighted up with full understanding of this process of learning and achieving. Thanks a lot.
- Pratap Neupane
Sandeep Sir ! Previously I shared my experience here. But due to word limitations could not say a little more. Sir I heartily respect you. I have became a better person than before, after watching your videos and also doing improvement in my work. I also want to be a human being like you. I will also share when I will have more than I need. Currently also I share what I have to share. I think all the hungers like me are blessed to have a guide like you.
- Arpita Sarkar
Hello Sandeep Sir ! Your Videos are really helpful for me to change and develop my thought process on very good level. It also keeps me inspired throughout my life in front of any problem arising in my life. It develops my mindset that develop me as solution oriented. Thank you very much Sir. You rock the world by sharing such experiences and knowledge. Aasaan Hai
- Nikhil Kumar
Hello Sandeep Sir ! I just want to say that only because of you I realized what I really want, only thank you is not enough for this. Now I am not dreaming about serving a crores of people but I just want to be the reason behind the success of at least one person. And that will be the biggest achievement of my life and a special thanks for your great work. I had started thinking for 1 but the goal is beyond the limit because "WE CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING WHICH IS RELATED TO US". Thank you so much Sir
- Rita Pandey
Success comes from being honest and true and you proved it. Thanks for motivation. I was holding myself away from my passion but now I will gear up again. You have realized me that we all can achieve our dreams. Thank you so much.
- Syed Waqar
Thank you sir for give my smile back once again and special thanks for giving all my question's answers which I ever asked to god. Thank you.
- Khushboo Singh
Sir! I am your biggest fan. There is huge change in my life because of you. I used to wake up at 9 am and I had no aim in my life. One day I come across your ‘Last Life Changing Seminar’ on You Tube then I realized that I have wasted lot of time in life. Then I have watched some more seminars of you then life started changing. Now I wake up at 5 am and go to Gym. Some time I get late to wake up but I am still trying to improve myself. So Thank you Sir.
- Pradeep Naik
Hello Sandeep Sir ! You are truly a personification of how one should live one's life. You and your sessions really inspire me a lot. I am working on myself so that very soon I can be perfect in my own way. Thank you Sir for every single thing that you are doing to make this world better. Love and Best Wishes!
- Shivani Sharma
Sandeep Sir ! I am going through the toughest time of my life. I get motivated every time I watch your seminars. From the core of my heart thank you very much. I respect you a lot. Your seminars are the biggest noble work I have ever seen in my life. Please continue uploading your videos. I am trying to improve my life with your teachings. May God keeps on showering his blessings on you forever.
- Vaibhav Gupta
Dear Sir ! Whenever I was stressed or felt like nothing was going good I used to think that now nothing is left and everything is finished but when I listened to you and tried to understand your thinking I always got one answer 'Aasaan Hai' which is the essence of all your sessions. Now at present I am too much improved all because of you and I have two dreams in my life in which first is to meet you and second is to achieve success in my life.Thank you Sir
- Nehal Jain
It is a great experience when I see young personality delivering his speech with his heart. I felt a truthiness in eyes and speeches. I did not see anyone in my life a person like you who does this much efforts without any profit just to make others motivate and successful . Whenever I watch your sessions I feel a genuineness and purity in your talks that whatever you do is by heart. I am proud of you Sir. Thank you so much for such a nice sessions.
- Sandip Mahato
Dear Sandeep Sir! You are the best. You made too many videos on YouTube. Your videos inspires me in each phase of life. I am addicted to watch your videos for my better tomorrow. God has really made you unique personality. I am your biggest fan. Keep motivating everyone. Keep shining Have a nice life ahead.
- Mehak Sardana
Hello Sandeep! Some time before I watched your 'Unstoppable' session that was superb. I can't express properly a new energy entered in me and when I watched that session my goose bumps not controlled. Amazing Sir. Love you, Best of Luck.
- Neeraj Arora
Hi Sandeep ! I am very grateful to you that you share your thoughts with us. When I was a kid, I used to think about the things in the same way and I always miss that part of mine in my life. That kind of self control, to being myself, the solution for all the problems and all that. But now after finding you, very soon, I will be the same as I were in my school days. May God bless you. Thanks a lot.
- Priyanka Maheshwari
Sir! I am inspired with you because your rules what you tell in the session and seminars I follow all steps thanks a lot Sir.
- Shivam Saini
Hello Sir! I watched your all videos it inspired me a lot and it's giving me courage about my work and also give me lots of motivation about my carrier so Thank you so much Sir.
- Aman Jot
The way Sandeep Sir think and his way of solving problems and sharing knowledge with others really inspired me a lot. I want to do something like that sharing experience with others. To be honest I have started talking with my friends in very different way and help them whatever my experience says. I feel so good and happy after that. Thank you so much sir. Aasaan Hai.
- Darpan Chhabra
Hi Greeting from Pakistan! Thank you for being with us with all ups and down of life. Some of your session when I watch, it seems you are directly talking about me. You are truly an inspiration and the way you touch the topic its very simple light mood with day to day life experience. Like 'apney jaise he lagtey hain. I got charged up many time while feeling too low but now I feel how deeply you think and how your videos put positive impact on someone's life thoroughly. love and peace from Pakistan.
- Sumera Agha
Hello Sir, I will not call you by your name because you have changed my life. After attend your session I applied your rules on my life which changed my life alot. I have got success in my work and relationship both. Thank you so much Sir.
- Kapil Garg
Hello Sandeep Sir! I always watch your videos. It inspired me a lot. Thanks Sir for teaching us and taking us to a realistic world. I have become practical by watching your videos. I like the way you speak and share experiences. Hope to see you soon.
- Saloni Katkade
Hello Sandeep Sir! In today's busy and tensed life one thing I must say that people like me don't need the God. We need you and people like you, who are awesome to en-light the youths life by lighting the 'Deep of Hope'. Thanks Sandeep Sir.
- Tapan Kumar Modak
Assalam o Alikum! I am Ahmed From Karachi, Pakistan. By profession, I am a Chartered Accountant. Mr. Sandeep, I will say only this 'Jo Haeeqat to Pa jaye Wohi Kirdaar ki bulandi ko Pa jaata hai' and vice versa. Your country India is lucky that It has a person like you. Lots of Love from Pakistan.
- Muhammad Ahmed Qureshi
Thank you Sir ! I would like say thanks a lot for sharing your positivity and bringing positivity in our life. I would love to say that after watching your videos I have became fan of myself. I just love myself in every aspect of life it doesn't matter good or bad experiences with me. One thing I love about your videos is that you represent yourself the way you really are, you don't pretend. Hats off to you Sir.
- Sonali Maharana
You are the best Sir. No one can explain about you by words because your thinking always grow continuous. I am also very positive guy but your session gives me a boost.
- Shubham Singh
Sir! I have million and billions words to tell about you but I cant, I am speech less I just want to tell you one thing that 'Thank you for being there' for us. Thank you. I am proud and blessed.
- Shaik Gabru
Hi! Sandeep Sir! Once I accidently found one of your video on You Tube. Believe me that's the biggest incident or best thing which has ever happened in my life till today. I was like other person who wants to do something different and thing that he/ she really want to do in this life but never take a step towards it. You have made me realise my inner instinct and listen to my heart. I always say to my friends a famous dialogue of a movie (Ghost Rider) that ‘ no one can live in fear’. But I myself surrounded me in lots of own created fears and loosing faith in myself. I always smile and laugh between friends and colleagues but find it difficult to resolve life issues that are stopping me to be happy from my heart. But thanks to you and God for show me a way to live life to fullest.
- Anita Thakur
Asslam walekum ! Sir earlier I was not able to connect with people and was very introvert. I have neither tried any new thing nor I wanted to try but I have seen your video ‘Last Life Changing Seminar’ after that my life become totally changed. Now I am too confident. I am doing the work which I always wanted to do. Sir you will be very happy to know that there are so many people those you do not know, but there life has totally changed after watching your videos. Thank you so much Sir
- Mohd Nawaz Alam
Sir! I am from Kolkata, I have been watching your videos from last couple of days. I have learnt many things from you. Thank you a lot for sharing your thoughts with us. That really changed my mind and one last thing, you are a very nice person and your smile is so good. God bless you.
- Debasish Dauty
Hi Sir ! Actually few years back one tragedy occurred in my life & I totally lost interest in life. Then I came in contact with few people who told me about you. I started watching your seminars. And I found life more interesting. Actually I don't believe in God but when I watch your spiritual seminars life become interesting I only want to Thank you Sir. You are really doing very good job. You teach us what is life. Thank you Sir. Thanks a lot.
- Kalyani Rajendra Deshmukh
Hello Sir! I hope you are good. And thanks for inspire me. Your videos and speeches are very good I watch them again and again. I totally inspired by you and by your energy & your positive looks. Again thanks to you and your family. Love you India.
- K B Suthar
Dear Friend! I have no adjectives to express my feeling of happiness after watching Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's video, suggested by you. From that day till today I have started listening to your motivational talks on a regular basis. I won't say doing that evaporates my problems but it certainly provides me with the much needed impetus one needs to prepare himself to be a fighter to face life. The meaning of life has changed for me since then. I am thankful and gratified by your selfless service. You have truly explained the words of Swami Vivekananda 'Service to mankind is service to God'.
- Chiranjeev Sengupta
Hello Sandeep Sir! Your eyes reflects the reality of life and just observing you is learning from you. Thank you so much you are my inspiration.
- Sanjana Sidram Sanake
Hello Sir ! I am from Pakistan. First of all thank you for your motivational videos. I was jobless from almost last 10 months in Saudi Arabia but after watching your videos I have changed myself then I got to know what is the essential rules of a interview and I did that and got a job. I hope you will continue inspiring us with your videos. Thanks you so much Sir. God Bless You.
- Umar Naseer Awan
Dear Sandeep Sir.I have learned a lot of things from your sessions. You have inspired a lot to me. I was always finding something to do in my young age. Due to your personal experience I got a lot of things to do.
- Ridam Israni
Hello Sir! I will not write long lengthy messages for you, its just a small token of thank you for bringing me out of dark and you actually made me who I am today. You are doing great job, somewhere you are the reason people drop ideas of suicide and start loving their life. Thank you so much. Keep sharing sir.
- Nupoor Tiwari
Sir Thank you so much for being there when nobody was with me not physically but mentally. You are like a god in the form of mentor in my life. You are a gem of person. You motivates us to do something for us and the society. You are a life changer and it is true. Kindly make more videos on the students and youth they are the roots of our nation. Best wishes for you.
- Ashutosh Mishra
Whenever I am stressed out or think life is unfair and tough, I listen to your videos and suddenly I get smile on my face and tell my self...AASAAN HAI HO JAYEGA. You are like a big brother who unknowingly has all the solutions to my problems. Believe me Sandeep you are helping millions, stopped people from going into depressions, and literally saved many lives. Keep up the good work. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
- Dipankar Brihaspat
I salute Sandeep Maheshwari. He really opened my eyes when I was struggling not only with my career but also with my life. I applied all his 'Realistic Mantras' and actually experienced the magic. Now I am clear about my life and about what I am. It's my dream to meet him personally, or in other words, to meet the Star, the Real Star of India, Sandeep Maheshwari.
- Baishali Goswami
Sandeep Sir ! I have been watching your videos from last one month on regular basis. It has changed my thought. I Keep happy every moment. The child in me has once again taken birth. I have stopped taking my life too seriously and started living my life in joyous manner. Everything looks beautiful. I can find happiness everywhere (inside and outside). To say thank you will be a small word because you create magic in human behavior. God Bless You. Never stop inspiring people. You have got a great innocence and it can be seen in your eyes when you speak. Keep up the great work. Aasaan Hai !
- Ashish Roongta
Sandeep Sir! You are really a awaken person and a wonderful human. Sir you are not only the inspiration for the young generation but also for all ages. May God bless for such a wonderful service of humanity. By watching your videos also trying to influence society in a better way. And now your words overcoming obstacles in life. I like the word when you say 'Aasaan Hai'. I am a big fan of you.
- Sagar Mishra
Hello Sandeep Sir! Your videos have inspired me. After watching your videos, I could find a lot within me. You are a true leader and true motivator for me. After watching your sessions on You tube my thoughts changed in a positive manner and all credit goes to you. Thank you so much Sir for motivate me and helped me to live positively.
- Aditya Ramchandani
I watched all your sessions. You are great contribution in changing my perspective of life. Thanks for what you are doing to change the society. You are the reason for many smiles. Keep it up. Good luck.
- Shilpi Chhabra
Hi Sandeep Sir! I learned lot of new things from you that can change my life and I am trying to spread your videos to the People who really want to change themselves. Thank you so much.
- Israr Rao
Hi Sandeep ! Your videos are practical and your speeches make sense. I love your style. Your energy, words, everything about you looks positive. You are doing great service by motivating people. You are an inspiration to all. I love listening to your speeches. Thank you so much.
- Varsha Arun
Hi Sandeep Sir! After watching your videos all of my thoughts changed and now I feel good. It gives me full of positive attitude and lots of knowledge with a great ideas. I have become strong person. Thank you so much!
- Raghuveer Singh
Sir! Nothing to say as because I am speechless to see your videos on facebook, feeling something but can not express in words as I am in a taught journey of my life.
- Ripa Guha
Hello Sir ! First of all I would say many many thanks to show the right direction. Actually I have learned from you that how can we do something different. First time I have watched your video on You Tube 'Last Life Changing Seminar' when I was in 3rd year of engineering. This video really changed my life. Now I am an Entrepreneur. I am very much inspired with you. Thank you very much Sir.
- Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Mehta
Hello Sandeep! I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your videos really inspired me a lot and helped me to stay in my focus and also helped me to realise what I really want. Whenever I become confused about things what to do, your videos help me to figure out the correct way. Your thoughts are very practical and they have been boost me up always. Your videos not only helped me but also many youngsters like me. Thank you so much for being a true inspiration.
- Sampurna Mukhoty
You made me an Administrative officer. I don't have words to explain my gratitude towards the man who changed my life. Your videos came in my life as blessings, completely changed my life after watching all of your great videos. You are changing the life of many stragglers. We connect ourselves to you directly because of struggle you done in your life. You are truly inspiration for all of us. Thank you very very much for this. Respect
- Prateek Pandey
Hi Sir ! So much respect for you. I have been watching your videos from past few months. I can't even tell you, how I came out of depression. I was confused what to do but now I know what I have to do. Thank you so much. love You Sir
- Rachna Phalswal
Hello Sir! I am from Dubai as my I had much bank debts in 2016 for which I had to shift my family in India. I used to disturb daily I was receiving calls from banks but your one session changed my attitude to tackle with bank people. It was just three magic words which I used to say please sorry and thank you which helped me a lot to face them. I am really thankful to you. You are my true guru who taught me how to tackle problems and tension in life. I am really very thankful to you.
- Hemant Kherajani
Hello Sir ! Needless to say, I really appreciate how genuinely you are here for everyone of us. Honestly speaking your impact on me is the best thing that has ever happened to me.Thank you Sir. Thank you for your purest form of presence.
- Rosy Chhetri
Hello Sandeep Sir ! You are the greatest man in this universe. I turned over my new leaf now after watching your videos. I had been watching your videos since last few years. But I could not change my life but after watching your videos my life has changed. From now on wards my commitment is my life and I take oath that from now on wards I will not do any wrong thing in my life. You are the great 'Guru'. I love you Sir.
- Arbind Kumar Das
Hi Sir! 'Thank You' is a very small word. You are a Real Hero not only for me, for everyone who can see it. I always try to make happy everyone surrounded by me, still I was not satisfied, but when I saw your sessions, I realized that If I am not happy internally, then how can I spread this. Sir I came to know about you when I was searching for A Guru who can guide me what’s wrong and right and then I found you. Thank you Sir
- Sai jyoti
Hello Sir! Warm greetings from my side. I recently came to know about you. I have just watched your video regarding 'OVERCOMING SUICIDAL ATTEMPTS' and I would have to say that I am highly moved. Thank you for touching such an important topic and kudos to you and your team!
- Anurag Kaushik
Hi Sandeep! You are such a beautiful person who understands how to live life with all its emotions and attention both. You are the leader who is leading the youth of India and teaching them to become the master of their own life. You are an instrument of God who is spreading wisdom everywhere. Thank you so much for inspiring all. Keep working like this!
- Pankaj Kumar Giri
Sir! You are too good person. You not only inspire the people but actually you change the thinking. And you can do anything. I am very happy that you born in India and inspire us.
- Tridip Kumar Shaw
Thank so much for sharing your personal experience of vipassana which motivated a lot and I experienced the path which reveals truth of life in ten days of 1st shivir. lucky I am. Sab ka Mangal Ho. Sab ka kalyan Ho. Sab ka bhala Ho. Har ghar dharam jagge. Sab ke dukhade door Ho. Thank you so much! You and other gurus who gave such a big knowledge of Pragya will succeed soon in the mission of changing (only happiness and no pain) every single being on this earth. I m lucky I can help in it.
- Pooja Gupta
I am a teacher by choice and trying my best to motivate students to think at their own. And my efforts are a little tribute towards kind of India you are dreaming of Sir.
- Ravi Phogat
Hi Sandeep Sir! I often watch your videos and needless to say they always boost me up and gives me positive energy. You are truly an inspiring person. Watching your videos have always been a very easy and every remedy of all my unpleasant times. Keep motivating us always. Looking forward to attend your live sessions.
- Garima Chaudhary
Sir! I am preparing for competitive exams and your speeches really giving a different type of energy which no one can give keep it up Sir. Keep doing the good work.
- Salman Farooqui
Sir! You are really a good human being. You gave me a lot of positive feeling through which I can solve every problem of my life.
- Kinjal Rani
Hello Sir! I am ninteen years old boy. Sir I used to get only B or C grade in school. Everyone used to say to me that you can’t do anything in life and even my Dad also said that ‘You can’t do anything in life. And I was also got bore from my life. I was very tensed that how will I get the job. I used to think that Is am I not able to earn even 8k in a month. Then Once I have watched one of your video and in that video there was one statement which changed my life completely. In that you said ‘If anybody gets failed they should learn from their mistakes’ then I also leant from my mistakes and start working on that, now my monthly income is 80k when I do not have any job. Now my friends also ask me that how I earn this much amount in a month only. Now I am also a student and I earn also. This is all because of you. Thank You Sir.
- Kashif Abbasi
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