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Sandeep Sir! You are my Idol, I am inspired by you, because of you now I am fearless and unstoppable. Nobody can stop me. After watching your videos my life has been changed now. I know very well that I will achieve more and more in my future and the credit will go to you Sir. Thank you Sir. Thank you so much.
- Kumar Suraj
Dear Sandeep Sir! Really inspired with your videos and recognize myself really really appreciate your all sessions. Love you Sir you are one and only in this world, you are turning points of numbers of people. No words to pay thanks to you.
- Anjali Bhardwaj
Hello Respected Sir! I will not write long lengthy messages for you, it's just a small token of thank you for bringing me out of dark and you actually made me who I am today. You are doing great job, somewhere you are the reason people drop ideas of suicide and start loving their life. Thank you so much. Keep sharing Sir
- Brijesh Yadav
Hello Sandeep ! You are really doing an excellent job. When, I have started my carrier I was facing many problems. After watching your videos, ninety percent of the problems just kicked off. Your seminars were like a helping hand to my project and life. Thank you so much Sandeep. Stay happy and blessed.
- Dr. Jaya Deshmukh
I have a lot to say about Sandeep but if I want to make a proper comment I will say he is spreading his thoughts for how to live life,he is doing an amazing job for the betterment of all of us.
- Hemant Patil
Hello Sir! My name is Aditi Sharma I am from Kanpur. I am physically challenged suffering from Cerebral Palsy. My right hand & right leg are effected (I am more than 60% handicap). But I am Self-dependent & Self-motivated & don't need any kind of help & support. I would pursued B.Tech in IT branch in the year 2015. There are lots & lots of problems in my family problems, physical problems, emotional problems, career problems. I would got to know about you on then by watching your one of the videos on You Tube. Sir, your guidance helps me a lot for dealing with my problems because there are many things which we can't share with anyone because you have to tackle them on your own. Currently I am writing a story on my life. Thank you so much for your guidance Sir.
- Aditi Sharma
Sandeep Sir! You are a sea of Confidence. Please keep teaching us by your videos. A big thanks to you because I was living without knowing the actual meaning of Life. That’s why my life was so boring but now it has become so interesting just because of you. Thank you for realizing me all this. Aasaan Hai.
- Dr. Hardik Vyas
I was in Second year when I got frustrated by the graduation course which I was doing. Then Once I was searching a video on You Tube with keywords 'how to choose your career' and then I watched the video by Sandeep Sir. That video hit a great impact on my life I finally knew what my desire is and where I was going. Then I decided to watch more videos by Sandeep Sir and the knowledge and correct meaning of each word like hardwork, desire, believes etc. Just because of Sandeep Sir now I am working hard in the right direction, I believe one day I will achieve my goals. Now as I know how to choose right career and other things I suggest everyone I meet and share session’s videos so that they can also get the right direction.
- Arjun Singh
Hi Sandeep Sir! I have watched number of your videos on You Tube. I started watching them at a time in my life when I was going through a number of internal struggles and was trying to make sense of this wonderful life. Your messages, delivered in simple and down-to-earth style. It leave a lasting impression. For sharing your thoughts with us, much thanks to you.
- Prof. Mr. Vishal Patil
Hello Sandeep Sir ! I have gone through many ups & downs in my life. I was loosing all hope but your motivational videos brought me back in my life. Now I am a winner in my life & love my life. Thank you so much.
- Ujjaini Ganguli
800 characters for me are very little to describe your personality but still I want to tell you honestly Sandeep sir, that you are an outstanding, inspiring personality. Me and my mom are your biggest fan. We do not miss any of your sessions on You Tube. I can experience the amount of positivity and inspiration which you give Sir. An indomitable spirit of yours inspires me a lot, and with great respect I can say that you are the world's most motivational speaker and celebrity. Hats off Sir. We are with you just keep on inspiring us as you always do.
- Harshul Jhamb
Dear Sir ! I would like to say thanks for giving a direction to our country by telling a truth of life in simple manner. I am following your thoughts from last few years. They are helpful and working in our life. I have seen so much change in my life. Today I can understand life's fact so easily. In our country we need people like you. Your life changing session inspire us alot. Thank you sir being a part of our country. You are true leader.
- Anuradha Mudgal
I used to watch his sessions since he started. Sandeep gives logic and illustrates examples from real world. I was very shy and spoke less with people, but after watching his video I turned from introvert to extrovert, and I am able to express my feeling freely. Earlier, I feared what people will say, if I do this and Now I am like I will do it , no matter what people will say. I knew essence of meditation and felt a deep relaxation from inside. I came to know how to live in this world. I felt that I might fail but I have learnt that I will overcome that failure. Every single session watched is proving useful for me. Thanks for making such awesome sessions and making people aware about their own strength. Live Long Sandeep
- Mohit Kamra
Dear Sir! You are just incredible. I am one of your fan. Your way of thinking is different. You changed my way of thinking completely and it's working in my daily life. Your videos are so inspirational and motivational. Thank you so much Sir.
- Vikrant Choudhary
Sandeep Sir! You are really an amazing Person. I have watched almost all your sessions that inspired me a lot and changed my life too in a positive way. Thank you so much Sir
- Rashmi Kanojiya
Assalam O Alaikum Sandeep Sir! The way you are solving problems and sharing experience with others really inspired me. I want to do something like that sharing experience with others. To be honest. You are a biggest gift of my life and I found this gift since few years back. I feel so good and happy after watching your videos. I don't have words to thank you for your You Tube videos. Your tag line always inspire me 'Aasaan Hai'.
- Muhammad Shahbaz
Hello Sandeep Sir! This is Uzair Khan. I am from Karachi, Pakistan. Sir I am really inspired by you, you are such a genius I wish we can meet you Sir, you changed my life I am watching your session from last few week I am feeling that my life is now changing I was so depressed in last few months because of my some problems and overthinking but now I feel so relax just because of you Sir. I wish every teacher become like you, think like you, do like you, teach like you, then we can change the world.
- Uzair Khan
Hi Sir! I have started to learn leave alone. I do not get frustrate now and have controlled my anger so much. Now I think first before speaking. Thank You. Bless You.
- Sayali Nile
In my life I just follow only two person one Sandeep Maheswari and other Kapil sharma. Thank you very much that you are like you, so we can learn a lot from you. I learnt from you only to be happy in life. There are so many things about you to tell but it will not end in 800 characters. I had a desire to comment something about you, so just did it. Love you Sir.
- Debopriyo Pal
Dear Sir! A month back I searched for some motivation videos on YouTube. Then I saw your Last Life Changing Seminar, definitely that changed my approach towards life. Then I saw your 'Unstoppable' video. I should say I self realised my self. Thank you so much Sir for all this.
- S A Kannan
Hello Sir, your sessions are a source of motivation and energy. I have experienced a different energy inside me after watching your sessions. Thank you.
- Bhumika Lalwani
Respected Sir ! You are Amazing and Unbelievable. I am really grateful to you. Whenever I feel low or negative, I start watching your videos. Thanks for making such awesome sessions and making people aware about their own strength.
- Pratik Rajendra Shukla
Hello Sandeep Sir! I was looking for my answer last year to live a life happily and what is the path to be there, then I have listened to many motivational speakers but your speech is amazing, simple and heart touching which truly changed my life. I watched your almost all videos whole weekend and decided to change my path where it will lead to success and prosperity. I now have succeeded in taking the risk and now enjoying my life as I am living my dream and I must say credit goes to you Sir. Love you
- Akash Grover
Hello Sandeep Sir! I am from Kashmir and 17 years old. I have experienced lots of bad stuff in my life till now, in my childhood I use to have suicidal thoughts. I was a negative thinker but your videos helped me a lot to come out from negative thoughts. It keeps me motivated and inspired for not loosing hope. Now my way of thinking about life has changed. I have desire to do something different in life. Thanks to you Sir. You are great Sir what are you doing that cant be appreciated in words. Good luck :)
- Manmeet Kaur
Hi Sandeep, I have watched a number of your videos on Youtube. I started watching them at a time in my life when I was going through a number of internal struggles, and was trying to make sense of this wonderful life. Your messages, delivered in your simple and down-to-earth style, have left a lasting impression. For sharing your thoughts, much thanks to you!
- Nikhil Bimbrahw
Whenever I think of expressing my gratitude for you, I have tears in my eyes. I don’t think words can really express it.
- Vibha Sharma
Dear Sir, You are truly greatest. You are like blessing to me and for many others too. You are a real inspiration to me. I always wanted a true life guide like you. And your two words "Aasaan hai" it's completely magical. When I will be a successful man, I will meet you and give you my pranam and Hug. Thank you so much Sir. Love you a lot.
- Subrata Das
Sir ! What an energetic man you are! You literally changed my life. Now I am absolutely clear about how to maintain balance between my personal life and my professional life. Thank you so very much!
- Taruni Ganja
Namastey Sir! I am feeling very happy to see that a person who is so successful after that also he did not forget his humanity. This is a person who wants to do everything for young generation without any self motive. Best of luck for your all efforts.
- Yatinder Arya
Dear Sandeep ! It's always an amazing event for me to listen to your videos and read the books you shared. It has now become my passion to share your videos with people around me. Every word of you adds positive vibes to my communications.
- Pawan Kumar Singh
You are an Inspiration to all the peoples who are struggling through there life and also who are confused for there life goals. You are such an amazing and wonderful person. Words can’t describe the personality and Aura of Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari. May God shower his blessings on you and give you the strength to continue this Social work to bring the positive changes in our Society. Love you Sir.
- Surbhi Rastogi
Thank you Sandeep for making me perceive this world in a different and realistic way. Your voice gives me such a huge motivation that the only voice I can hear from within is 'Aasaan Hai'.
- Keshav Kurmah
Sir you are really a great great man! I don't know anyone in the world except you, who has changed the perception of life in such a way. A big hats off to you Sir. After seeing your seminars and sessions, I am clear about many things in my life. Thank you and love you very much Sir!
- Lakshmi Waghmode
Hello Sandeep Sir, words are unable to express the greatness and worthiness of some unique personalities and Sir Sandeep Maheshwari, you are the cream of the crop. I adhere your concepts relating to different aspects of our life. While learning and teaching without a mentor, all my skills and beliefs would still miss a charm but after watching you, I got what I was looking for. At the end, I would like to say that I admire you the most and want to meet you as soon as possible in life. Thanks a lot Sir. Please accept my gratitude.
- Gaurav Sharma
Sir! You may be a motivator for others but for me you are a life saver. When I got my 12th boards result, I was very depressed and wanted to commit suicide. There was no reason left for me to live. But one day, my brother made me watch your video. My mind was completely lost and I could not express how I felt at that time. I realized that one failure does not mean that my future is dark. Now I am doing my studies with passion and I am more focused on learning than getting marks.Thank you Sir for being there for me and all other students like me. I wish you a happy life.
- Tarun Singh
Sir ! You are really doing a good work. What I like about your sessions is that you not only tell about bringing about a change in our way of thinking but how to make that change & how to connect to it. Thank you
- Sumit Kumar
Hi Sandeep Sir! It was the first day when I saw your motivational video, I really very much inspired by you. Till then I regularly watch your inspirational video. I am very much impressed by you. You have changed my life Sir. You are great Sir. Thank you very much Sir for changing my life.
- Maneesh Singh
Hi Sandeep, you are such a beautiful person who understands how to live life with all its emotions and attention both. You are the leader who is leading the youth of India and teaching them to become the master of their own life. You are an instrument of God who is spreading wisdom everywhere. Thank you so much for inspiring all. Keep working like this!
- Poonam Rawat
I am a big fan of you. Seeing you seminars and sessions, I got to know about the basic difference between our 'Mann' and our 'Buddhi'. This understanding changed my life, really. So, I am just fulfilling my dream life now. Love you so much Sir!
- Rishabh Kataria
Hello Sandeep Sir! Your sessions relate to everyone's life. They have changed me completely with a lot of confidence and realistic positive thinking like I had never before. Such a beautiful soul you are, you are precious for all. 'Lagta Tha Pehle Mushkil Hain Raaste, Na Koi Mukaam Hai. Jab Se Aap Aaye Hamari Zindagi Mein, Ab Lagta Sab Aasaan Hai!' God bless you.
- Lavisha Mehta
Dear Sandeep Sir! I learnt a lot from you, I have a lot of interest in spiritualism since childhood but I was very confused. I read number of books on spirituality but did not get the answer of my question but when I listen your seminars, I got answers of many questions. Thank you so much
- Shailendra Bhatt
Hello Sandeep Sir ! The best thing happened with me some years ago. It was my board exams and I was feeling very low at that time then one of my teacher told me to watch your videos and then I saw most of your videos, all videos were very motivated and fabulous. Since then I have became your fan. I had never listened my inner voice which was music industry and be a musician, but else I was going towards the money to fulfill my desire. But now I have taken a step to go with my inner voice, devoting time on me to improve myself. Regardless of the money now I started thinking that if I will improve myself in anything then money will definitely follow me. Thanks Sir for your great speeches.
- Akash Garg
Thank you so much Sir for all your videos. The content has come from your deep understanding of spirituality, VEDAS. Thank you and God bless you Sir!
- Trupti Deolekar
Greetings Sir! I am from Nepal. Your videos really inspire me. When I was watching your basic meditation section, in that you told to just close your eyes and try to listen your inner sound, in just 1 min without any ear plug I heard it. Now I realize the Truth, Secret, Mystery of life and now 24 hours I hear the inner sound. Thank you very much.
- Simran Paudel
You are truly an awaken person and wonderful Human Being. Sandeep Sir you are an inspiration for not only younger generation but for all age group. God Bless you for doing such a wonderful service to humanity. I also found a new direction of life by watching your videos and also trying to impact the society in a better way. I will not thank you for enlightening us with such golden words of wisdom but in your words will definitely try to help people in distress. And in your words overcoming obstacles in life is also Aasaan Hai !
- Sumit Sengupta
Hello Sir! You are a great human Sir. Sorry you are not a human but you are GOD. Seriously your each word force me to take action for what I want to do. The work which you are doing is something which no one can do, no one can replace you Sir. Life is not as difficult as we think. Its is simple. Thank you so much Sir.
- Muskan Arora
Nothing changed my life as much as your 'How to Control Your Mind' session did. Practising what you spoke about in that video opened a whole new world for me. Thanks for everything!
- Arpit Goyal
Sir! What an energetic man you are. You literally changed my life. Now I am absolutely clear about how to maintain balance between my personal life and my professional life. Thank you so very much.
- Faisal Kuzhippuram
Sir my brother told me about you when I was only trying to get out of all my worries to live a peaceful life. Through you I came to know about the Sound of Silence. I now understand what is the true meaning of God. Sound of Silence has opened my doorway to happiness. Whether crowded with people or alone, I can be happy all by myself. And today when I get disturbed by thinking about my past, I just close my eyes, look at all things as a third person and believe me, I literally find solutions to all my problems. Thank you!
- Jahnavi Patel
Sir its been a fantastic life changing tour through your videos. Your views are so practical and real that life can easily uptake. Thank you Sir
- Amit Das
You are the one who actually takes me out of the deep well of ignorance. You motivate me not to follow people, rather to learn from them.
- Amar Deep Mishra
Thanks a lot Sir ! Your sessions provide a great encouragement for the creative works by crossing by wrong beliefs. It's great to have you in my life.
- Aditi Prakash
Hello Sandeep Maheshwari Sir! I am very big fan of yours. You always motivate me Sir. I do not have words to appreciate you but nobody is like you, and I am saying it from bottom of my heart. Really sir you have changed my world. I have watched all your videos and learned something from each one. I follow each line said by you and to see your videos my confidence level increases. Aasaan Hai. Thank you Sir.
- Piyush Sharma
I am following you from last two years. I, literally find myself and all my questions vanishing day by day. After experiencing the subtle vibrations of the 'Sound of Silence', as you say I am playing with my life and seeing myself as a third person. It's a very powerful way to get liberated from the rat race of this world. I have also achieved financial success and moving forward in life. I am enjoying my life, not being a paranoid anymore. Thanks a lot for letting me meet myself.
- Mohd Adil Siddiqui
Hello Sir! I will not write long lengthy messages for you, it's just a small token of thank you for bringing me out of dark and you actually made me who I am today. You are doing great job, somewhere you are the reason people drop ideas of suicide and start loving their life. Thank you so much. Keep sharing sir
- Varun Prajapati
Hello Sandeep Sir, the way you express things, they fit so easily into our lives. I have been really motivated by your videos. Thank you!
- Jahnabee
Hello Sandeep Sir! I am a big fan of yours. When I feel any depression on my life, I watch your videos on You Tube channel. Thank you Sir for your kindness for the students and to other people.
- Saroj Goutam
Hi Sandeep Sir! I am an employee of Torrent Power Ltd. I always watch your video and it’s really inspired me to do something and I also change myself with the reality. But sometimes some conditions come and we don't beat it and do work for another because some of the situations in life. So at that time I think this right or not. But that time also one thought come in mind nothing is impossible and ‘AASAAN HAI’.
- Kamani Sujit Vajubhai
I just want to say a word 'Thank you' Sir. You are the ideal of my life and you taught me many things that no one can teach me. You bring me out of the world of "khacchars" and made me to think different and deep. Now my life is too easy and I am too happy. I am not blindly following you. I am just understanding and learning. I am your biggest fan. You are doing a great job and I have no words how to appreciate you. The first place is mother place and second place is God's place but now the third place in life is all yours. You are genius and a good comedian also. No words for you Sandeep Sir. Love you.
- Prateek
You are great Sir. You changed my life completely you gave me vision of life. You made me aware, awake of my thoughts my mind. You gave broader vision to life thank you is a very small word but its my gratitude.
- Rashmi Gurunani
Dear Sandeep Sir! Thank You so much for give me right direction to see the world. Your videos helped me a lot to think the right way. I have infinite commendable words to tell about you so I can't say, only thank you is not enough for this so May God bless you with all the happiness and healthy life.
- Sail Jain
Hi Sandeep Sir! Thank you because you are the person who gives smile to many people, new hope and happiness, that we do not found every where or we are not able to find it or understand it but you are helping us to find the way to realize the things.
- Rashmi
I have really inspaired and motivated by your thoughts and way of speaking. My all problems has been resolved after watching your sessions but I wish all over India's people will growth in the world. Thank you Sir
- Umesh Gome
Hello Sir! I am a very big fan of yours. Everyday I saw your video and learnt from that and Sir really your all sessions are natural. We connect that to our day to day life and change ourselves.Thank you Sir.
- Lavita Tuwani
Dear Sir ! Thank you so much to be there for guiding us and I was always think what is the solution of my problems and I always discuss these things indirectly with others but I did not get my solutions but after watching your sessions you make me learn how to solve my problems and confusions. You make us learn how to study the life deal with it's problems. Thank you Sir
- Sumit Kumar Paryani
Sir! I am a great fan of yours. You are my greatest inspiration, I had seen all your famous seminars and videos and I really like the way you think. I feel that the way you think is same the way I feel about certain things. I also think deeply in every aspect of my life and just because of that some of my friends think that I am not like them. I know ,I am a little different from others . I am a teenager student and people thinker. The way I feel and think makes me mad but from your videos now I learned to believe in myself. Thank you for doing this great job. People really need an ideal man like you. Your and my mission is same. I also wanted to create unlimited leaders who can change this world and you have given me the courage to do something.
- Srishti Gupta
Hi Sir! I am a CA Student and few days ago, luckily, I got to watch your session by the name of 'Power of Focus for Students'. At that time, I was going through very tough time of my life. Because of my failure in exams, I was about to quit. But after watching this video, I got inspired instantaneously. It helped me a lot. I worked on myself as you said, and now I am a different person. Now I am a fighter who will never give up. I am now more confident, more focused and more energetic. I studied hard, put my 100% in my studies and as a result, cleared my exams. Thank you Sir for teaching me the real meaning of life.
- Gayatri Phale
Sir ! You are a inspiration for me. Actually I watch your all videos. They are very inspirational. You are amazing sir. Your mind is very fast and clear. Always inspire us sir and I am a big fan of yours.
- Vikram Jamwal
Dear Sir ! After watching you on You Tube my way of thinking about life has changed now I wanted to do something big for society and for myself. Thank you Sir for spreading good knowledge for everyone.
- Nishant Shamra
Hello Sir, I have watched all your videos. When I was in my job in a company, I came across and watched your video. Thereafter, a voice in my heart kept saying that I never want to do this job and I want to be the owner of a company. So, I left my job that day and now I am the owner of a company. Thank you so much that you inspired me to do what I really want to do.
- Priyanka Kathiriya
Dear Sir! Till Sometimes before I have never listened anything about you nor seen any of your video. Luckily I was searching something then I found your video and watching that I have became your fan. I have inspired by you a lot. Whenever I am tired or feeling pressure I watch your video. Keep going like this. My all prayers are with you.
- Tahseen Tashi
Dear Sir! You are just incredible. I am one of your fan. Your way of thinking is different. Your sessions are a source of motivation and energy. I have experienced a different energy inside me after watching your sessions. I just want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Pratik Deshpande
Hello Sandeep Sir ! I just wanna say one thing. Now I can feel that I am living my life. Please keep sharing. Thanks a lot.
- Ashish Thakrar
Boom! All my problems disappeared as if they never existed. Feeling as young and energetic as I was in my teens. I can now see Happiness and Sadness both in me joining hands and pushing me forward. Wow! You are amazing. And just words are not enough to express what you are. Keep sharing and I will forward the same SHARING.
- Navin Sainani
Sandeep Sir, you are my full time inspiration. I can't even tell how you changed my perception of this world. After watching your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar', I am damn sure that everything happens for some reason and that it is good for us. The work you are doing is truly awesome. Actually you are the person who helps youth to maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives. A big hats off to you Sir. May God bless you and give you more power to enlighten the path of thousands of young minds like me. Thanks a lot!
- Rahul Sharma
Sandeep Sir, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I could not find a solution to my problems, you came in my life and it was the start of my life getting aligned again. The biggest message I learnt is that the direction of my journey is actually inwards and not outwards. Sir, I just want to tell you that, I would try my best to thank you in your way sharing your mission, because You, the person who speaks his heart out in the seminars no longer seems a Person to me but a Mission! Heartiest thank you!
- Shivangi Dua
Thank you Sandeep Sir for helping and inspiring millions worldwide. You changed my life. Whatever you do for that Thank you is very little word. Your inspirational and spiritual sessions pump the energy within the body and brings me out of my ignorance and I keep improving day by day. Thank you
- Gaurang Singh
Hello Sir! First of all thanks for your contribution to the world. I have learn many things form you. And the most important thing is How to control yourself in a complicated situation. Thanks for many things that beyond expectations and after watching your session I have learned that, Love is everything but don't get attached with anything.
- Nitesh Sharma
The only Teacher who is so close to me is Sandeep Sir. The day I started watching his videos changed my attitude towards my disability as my different ability.
- Gurnam Singh
Respected Sandeep Sir! Thanks for teaching me a way to live life.
- Nihal Shrivastav
I am a big fan of Sandeep Sir. In my routine every day I saw Sir’s at least one video. Because in my day to day life so many things around me distract my mind. From now on I can feel that one day I win from all these distractions. Aasaan Hai! I share this beautiful experience with everyone. Now I live always in a present moment. I enjoy every second of my life. Thank you so much.
- Pal Singh Padiyar
I Don't know what to write.What all I can say your words are magical which always make aura magical happy, lively charming. One feel so special and blessed after hearing you. God bless you!
- Asma Jain
Sandeep is not an inspirational speaker, neither he is a spiritual healer, nor a follower of any kind of previously recognized schools of thought. He is rather a unique fusion of organic nature of a human being. After listening to his videos, it feels to me that he has waken up in this age with a realization of the toxic fundamental mistakes collective human race has made in the past. Excellent research and perfect solution he has detected from the present age.
- Mohammed Shahid
Hello Sir! A big salute to you. I really got lot of inspiration from you. I can say your magical words brought a drastic change in me and in my attitude towards everything. As I am a school student now I am confident enough your session will help me to build my career in future. Aaasan Hai. Thanks a lot.
- Navaratna Agarwal
My dear Sandeep! Whatever you do is just amazing. You have a different spark which reflects in your eyes. I was not knowing what to do in life but one day I have watched a video of yours then I relised there is a lot in life to do. Because everything is ‘Aasaan Hai’.
- Vinay Soni
Thank you sir for exploring women in lime light. And today I have watched your recent video 'how to overcome suicidal thoughts'. I personally very attached by each wordings and thought this is the exact video only made for me. Perhaps I will help number of students and I will try to focus on searching out for those unusual doors for success rather than focusing only for routine career doors. Once again Thank you so much
- Miral Ladani
Hello Sir ! Your speech is really heart touching and inspiring. It helps us to free from comfort zone and help to work on our dreams. Sir you are doing a great job. And wishing you all the best and God bless you.
- Anson Thankachan
Sir its been a fantastic life changing tour through your videos. Your views are so practical and real that life can easily uptake. Thanks
- Anindita Guha
Hi Sandeep! I get answers for all of the questions. I think you know more than all the teachers and spiritual gurus combined in the world. Also the way you explain things is really amazing. You are a perfect.
- Prateek Maheshwari
Respected Sir, you really helped me solve many of the problems in my life. Your powerful words inspire me a lot. God has sent you to help depressed people like me. Thank you very much Sir. Keep inspiring!
- Madhu Shukla
From the beginning of the life we learn by seeing and listening. And today, most of us lack in connecting with the process of listening and seeing the reality. We are here to find our purpose and make the best of it. But very often, it seems that we lack in finding such goals and seek to the wrong dimensions. But Sandeep has taught us first to identify, understand and then work with dedicated effort that millions shall follow in the days to come. Continue it and certainly millions more shall be willing to choose you!
- Abijeet Amatya
Hi Sandeep ! I really appreciate you for what you are doing. Your videos have inspired me a lot. After watching your videos I could find a lot within me. Thanks for initiating me into positive thinking and mind control. I have become stronger now. Thank you so much.
- Devraj Singh
Hello Sandeep Sir! I came across your videos on You Tube and got addicted. I am a kind of person who is always searching for some development in life and your videos were the platform. You are amazing teacher, motivator and person. Respect from the bottom of my heart, with love. thanks.
- Aanchal
Dear Sandeep Sir! Thank you for your best guidance for the lovely life experience & I want you to just keep on going. Because of you we come to know our own life leaving.
- Omkar Inamdar
Dear Sir! I am from Bengal. You are just incredible. I am one of your fan. Your way of thinking is different and Your videos are so inspirational and motivational. That videos has changed my thinking. Thank you so much Sir.
- Rahul Mallick
Thanks a lot for the Spiritual guidance through your videos many clarities received. I have a small suggestion that there is a philosophy of madhyast darshan which can be introduced in child life from very early stage as it is way between materialism and spirituality excellent approach to give the same to students through education as a jeevan vidhya workshop from madhyast darshan and people are doing this to convince teachers and parents so the child gets this exposure at the early childhood level. Please check the whole concept as I am sure you will love it Because everybody can get realisation by understanding the coexistence concept even small children. Every unit in existence is in some system or law to identify the systems which are already present in nature and live happily. Madhyast Darshan
- Preeti Gupta
Sir! I am very thankful to you that you are changing the thinking process of our youth. You are bringing greatest change required today and I am very sure our country will be different in next decade and your contribution will be huge. In ancient times teaching used to be provided by gurus and fortunately in today era we have you who is teaching the reality of life. I want to touch your feet one day with respect.
- Raj
Sir, I can't express my gratitude to you in words. You are like the God of Inspiration. I wish I get a chance to see you in live someday.
- Salia Parveen
Hello Sir ! You are my idol since I discovered and watched your videos. Whenever I feel low, I remember your sessions and your word 'Aasaan Hai' and I struggle every problems that I suffer. Thank you so much sir, you changed me a lot. You gave me inner strength to fight for the problems. Thank you again Sir.
- Ashok Kumar Sheram
Sir! before watching your sessions I was totally depress and full of stress but after that I overcome it very fast now I am a motivational trainer thank you so much really. I don't have the words to describe the felling I have that all now I am mind trainer. Thank you so much for improving my life. Thank you so much
- Shruti Sharma
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